Saturday, 14 September 2013

I love mail

Hello my friends.
Yesterday my `Friends Swap` arrived in the post for me from Annik.
Annik had wrapped each one in fabric.
An extra special gift.
Showing my gifts before I unwrapped them.

The stamps from Norway interested us .

F: Flower vase from Venice. I will put some dried or silk flowers in this even though it looks like it could hold water.

R: A hand woven mug rug made by Annik. This must have taken some time to make.
Beautiful weaving. 

I: Inches. A Rachel Cross 4" square grid.

E: Silk threads which I haven`t seen wound like this before and an embroidery kit.
Looking forward to stitching with the silks with this design.

N: John James size 10 needles
 and a quilting pin from the quilting group Annik belongs to.

D: Dark chocolate. The flavours are: 
apple,ginger and lemon,
caramelised pecans.
So pleased that they where written in English on the back.
The family at home have been eating and enjoying this.  

S: Small sewing gear.
A 2 1/2" candies `Lario` by 3 sisters and a packet of paper piecing clamshells.
I`ve been wanting to try Sue Daleys way of using this shape.

These are the fabrics they where wrapped in. 
I have shown them with each gift.
The fabrics are Lynette Andersons  `Hollyhock Cottage range.

I have been blessed. Thank you Annik for being my swap partner.
I hope the airmailed package I sent you is not too far away.
Thank you Khristina for a lovely `Friends Swap`.
Happy Stitching,


  1. Sew many gorgeous gifts you received Clare from Annik..Look forward to seeing the wee stitchery done and see what you make the great fabrics..

  2. Wow super sweet gifts :)
    Enjoy them all
    Hugs x

  3. Beautiful, looks like a lovely swap. What a sweet way to wrap your gifts too...

  4. What a lovely swap.... gorgeous gifts.