Thursday, 26 September 2013


Good afternoon my friends.
Please stop and visit for a while as this is has quite a few projects.

First this lovely SAL of `Jardin Prive`.
The next part comes in October.
Really enjoying this.
I have a collection of threads so decide to use those.
Cottage Garden threads: 108 Vintage Rose,202 Sweet Gum, 418 Blue Heaven, 810 Hyssop.
Sampler Threads: Highland Heather and Endive.
Weeks Dye Works: Mocha.
DMC: 838 and 3051.
Linen: Cream 32ct.              

I joined in with `The Country Yard` their mystery 
`A Christmas Noel` 
My Christmas colours are in the  fabrics and also there was three Cottage Garden Threads with an Aurifil red to stitch with.
I wasn`t sure that I liked the `Red Hot Poker` thread as I`m not into brights but it goes together 
so lovely  with this added.

Here is block one with peeper inner border.
I can`t turn the photo!!  
But at least block one is complete with the teddy bear sitting  on wrapped boxes.

Now `Chateau Hexagon` month 4 `Cranky Geese` with some more fabric.

Month 4 ready and waiting for next part.

I have stitched and made my hexagons.
A close up of my Geese block.
I love the little buttons that we get.

This is my 2013 Mystery with `The Country Yard`
Using Cottage Garden Thread `1001 Red Carnation`

month one: `Friends`

month two:` Believe and Laugh`

month three:` Tea for Two`

month four: `Love, Share`

month five: `Sharing the View`

month six : `Forever,Dream` 

month seven :`Birds Together`
Wondering what will be next!
Love my little parcels in the mail :)

This lovely `Lizzie Kate` Mystery Sampler`
came the other day.
The hand dyed fabric ` Doubloon`  32ct gives texture to this sampler.
As soon as I got my package I had to start.
Plus a bonus pattern. I hope to stitch this soon.
The Weeks Dye Works thread colours are beautiful.

This is my progress so far. 
I am busy with a few secret things at the moment so hope to carry on again tonight.

This is my progress on my Mystery Sampler designed by 
`Elizabeth Darrah` that I started a while back.
Not much more if I keep at it.

Well I hope you enjoyed your visit with me.
Time for me to go.
Happy Stitching,

Friday, 20 September 2013

What is in the parcels?

Hello my friends.
I can at last show `What is in the parcels` as Annik has received them.
I thought I had posted `Airmail` but it took so long I think a snail delivered the package! 
With the seven parcels :)

F: Fabric.
Two blue fat 1/4s as Annik likes blue.

R: Reading.
 Lynette Anderson`s book 
`Rainbow Cottage`.
We like the same designer.
I hope you enjoy making some of the projects Annik.
I have this book as well.

I: Inches.
 I stitched the `I` one over one then back stitched the rest with 
Cottage Garden Thread 1201 `Peacock`. 
The fabric is antique white though the lighting makes it look cream.
I painted a little box( first time for me) as Annik likes boxes.
It is lined with paua shell print paper from NZ.
Then inside is the tape measure. I have one and use it all the time. 

E: Embroidery.
I stitched this little cushion using the same thread with an extra toning DMCs.
Then I added one of my block roll to hold some embroidery WIP.  

N: Needle case.
Using Anni Downs `Angel Story` book  I stitched  this little lady for the cover.
I used the same `Peacock` thread for the quilt.
Then tying it closed with `inches` ribbon.

Inside I added pockets and a felt needle holder.

D: Domes, a daisy charm put inside a dilly bag.

S: Scissors.
I brought this lovely pair of embroidery scissors.
From the colours on the scissors I use `Peacock` thread.
The pattern for the needle case and fob is from a 
`The Prairie Schooler` pattern. 

These are the scissors and the back of the case and fob.

Thank you Khris for hosting this swap.

Happy Stitching,

Saturday, 14 September 2013

I love mail

Hello my friends.
Yesterday my `Friends Swap` arrived in the post for me from Annik.
Annik had wrapped each one in fabric.
An extra special gift.
Showing my gifts before I unwrapped them.

The stamps from Norway interested us .

F: Flower vase from Venice. I will put some dried or silk flowers in this even though it looks like it could hold water.

R: A hand woven mug rug made by Annik. This must have taken some time to make.
Beautiful weaving. 

I: Inches. A Rachel Cross 4" square grid.

E: Silk threads which I haven`t seen wound like this before and an embroidery kit.
Looking forward to stitching with the silks with this design.

N: John James size 10 needles
 and a quilting pin from the quilting group Annik belongs to.

D: Dark chocolate. The flavours are: 
apple,ginger and lemon,
caramelised pecans.
So pleased that they where written in English on the back.
The family at home have been eating and enjoying this.  

S: Small sewing gear.
A 2 1/2" candies `Lario` by 3 sisters and a packet of paper piecing clamshells.
I`ve been wanting to try Sue Daleys way of using this shape.

These are the fabrics they where wrapped in. 
I have shown them with each gift.
The fabrics are Lynette Andersons  `Hollyhock Cottage range.

I have been blessed. Thank you Annik for being my swap partner.
I hope the airmailed package I sent you is not too far away.
Thank you Khristina for a lovely `Friends Swap`.
Happy Stitching,

Thursday, 12 September 2013

SAL 2013

Hello my friends.
Time to sit and see what I`ve completed with Chookyblues SAL 2013.
A long post.
We used these three books in our SAL with different projects each month from one of these books.
`Some Kind of Wonderful` by Anni Downs,
`Red Home` by Natalie Bird,
`Tis the Season` by Natalie Bird.
These three books where already on my book shelf.
Most of the projects the fabrics and threads came out of my cupboards.

January I made: Thread catcher from `Red Home` book. 
Then using `cotton reel` pattern
from my `perpetual calender of 365 quilt blocks` I put together a bigger one.
This holds my block rolls when not in use or ready for gifts.
It has been a lovely storage container. 

February: From the same book `True Friends Tote`
I used `ABC cat art work` pattern page 47.
I can hold quite a lot in here :)

March: Some Kind of Wonderful book was this little pin cushion.
There are pins in this now.  

April: Tis the Season wall hanging.
Put away with the Christmas things.
This will be lovely hung up.

May : Another from Some Kind of Wonderful book.
Anni Downs bag.
This side of the bag was stitch patterns from 
`My Favorite Things ` quilt from last years SAL.

This side is the pattern that the bag had.
I use this every time I go out.
Love using it.

June: Back to the `Red Home` book and another delightful pincushion.

July : Tis the Seasons hexagon bag.
I put pockets inside and will use as my purse in December.

August: Anni downs book again and this useful sewing case.
Waiting for a project to come won`t say what it is but I can`t wait till that arrives.

September: The same book and a new needle book for me.
Can`t have enough of these!

So now that my needle case is done, so is my part in this years SAL.
I am pleased to have completed so many projects but sad it has come to an end.
Hope to complete more of other things before the end of the year.
Thank you  Chookyblue and Susan for this SAL.
Before I end this visiting time I have joined Chookyblue and her chief elf  Googy Girl
for SSCS 2013. Some secret sewing will be on the go.
Hope you enjoyed your visit and love the comments I get, feels like you have come.
Thank you.
Happy Stitching,