Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Catch up time.

Hello my friends.
Over the last month I have been on high medication,
as I have not been well.
Then this I have the flu.
Before  getting ill I stitched on 40 count,
replacing CC Chili Pepper (too orange for me) 
with ST Mulberry.
Also to show up on linen I stitched aprons with
Eggshell rather than WDW  Light Khaki
`Mice in the Sewing Room` by Brenda Gervais.
I saw on someone else`s blog this way of finishing but can`t
remember where!!
I made the tassel for these scissors years ago for my Mum.
They came back to me.
A nice place to store them.

The tapemeasure at the bottom of the design.

July block of this $25 quilt.
I enjoyed using my Omnigrid marking ruler for all those triangles.
That was a good buy.

Block 5 of  `Whimsical Woodland Mystery`
from The Country Yard.

I was sorting through my projects and found my
`Sewing Studio` WIP but only two threads.
Not sure where I put the others.
I am trying to organise things better than I have to stop being
caught like this but this one missed out.
Will hunt around to see if can find them!!
Well best get on.
Happy Stitching,