Wednesday, 29 January 2014


Hello my friends.
Today I am blogging about `Smalls SAL`

I have joined Heather with this year.
On the right side bar is the link to visit with others of this group.

I have made up my little box and attached my stitchery to this.

This is the thread holder that goes with the design.

Then I stitch Shepherds bush `Be Happy` 
ready for display with my heart stitchery.

A close up of pattern. 
There is a little bird button that came with the kit.

If there is anyone that wants to join Kath, Katrina and I with 
`Shepherds Bush Fold SAL` please look on my left side bar for link.
Also with meds I`m getting my asthma under control
Happy Stitching,

Saturday, 11 January 2014

A New Year already begun

Happy New Year my friends.
2014 has already begun.
 I am unwell so haven`t felt like blogging but thought I`d best start now.
These jars of apricots are from one of our four trees.
They are all I was able to bottle.
There are peaches,nectarines and apples for fruit to come
plus the vegetables in the garden to process in Feb/March.

For Mrs Martins `Celebration` swap last year 
we where to make a patchwork block for our partner.
I enjoyed the foundation piecing of this pattern
`A Circle of Geese`
so carried on to finish as this lovely table mat.
Maria ( `Life on the block` as seen down the side of my blog )  loved it.

Thank you Maria for this star block,ribbon and buttons.
I have an idea to finish this off using all of these.
I will show once I have finished.

For Maria`s birthday I stitched the scissor holder and fob.
Then down sized the cotton reel pattern to make a hold all and
a matching block.
I enjoyed making this set and hope sometime this year to make one for myself.

Maria`s Christmas gift was wrapped in this lovey 
stocking fabric as shown on my last post.

Here is what she gave me.
I have hung up the wall hanging but this is now put away.
The `Timber Charm` house is waiting for me to complete.
There was a chocolate Koala bear to eat. 
He was split three ways :)
I will sew the label onto the back of the project that I decide to make with stocking fabric. 

Thank you Mrs Martin for the lovely swap for 2013.
 Well I best get on as the day is getting away from me.
Not forgotten thank you for your lovely comments of my blog. 
I do so enjoy these.
Happy Stitching,