Saturday, 23 November 2013

A visitor came,now gone

Hello my friends and new ones as well. 
Nice to be back.
I have been unwell of late and my energy has been low. 
I was able to stitch but seemed longer to get done :(
I am thankful I can stitch.
Our visitor is:

She is so pretty and so quiet. :)
Our church youth group made her. She stayed with us for a few weeks.
Then today we had to protect her from them taking her away.
If we caught them doing this they have to do a job for us before she goes with them,
otherwise we pay them.

Being at the bottom of the tree was too easy!

Hubby put her up in my turn tree. 
In early Spring this tree has pink leaves.
She could of hidden better then.

He moved the ladder away and had a trap on that.
They know my hubby would have a plan like that!

That ladder is away in the background.
The closer ladder is covered in golden syrup!

The youth are working out their plan little knowing hubby is in the bushes with the hose
waiting till they touch her.
I pressed the wrong button on camera at the time they climbed on each others back to reach up for her.
That is when they got wet.
You can see the water spray. They quickly jumped out of the way.

Now they are learning what work there is for them.
Only a little job of picking up from cleaning the spouting.
Now a little stitching to show.

Part two of SAL Jardinprive sampler.
For the word `Heart` I used Old Red Paint a Sampler Thread.
Also DMC 644 for the rest of the wording in this part.
Well I will go now and next time show my progress on my mysteries as other 
stitching for Christmas.
Thank you for visiting.
Happy Stitching,