Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Personal Delivery

Hello my friends,
On the 21st July was my 
`Travel Pattern` posting.
Kath left a comment to be the next Stitcher
of the `Travel Pattern` 

Since Kath did not live that far from me 
I made it `Personal Delivery`.
We get together when we can to stitch together.
Sometimes there are other friends as well.

Passing of pattern.
Hubby took the photo!

Ran a bath for me the other day and before
even turning the taps off 
Miss Tillie climbed in to check it out and have a drink.
Once she climbed out I pulled the plug,
re run another.
Well I will show stitching progress next time.
Thank you for visiting.
Happy Stitching,

Saturday, 25 July 2015

Keeping up

Hello my friends,
I am so pleased that with the way my health has been lately
I am keeping up with SAL.
Some of my other projects are behind but hope to sort that soon.
I cut these background pieces and put together
before my shoulder operation,
ready to put applique on.

I took some time looking through my fabric for this 
and added another for basket.
Then I fussy cut from some others.
I am quite pleased how this came together.

A close up of a few:
The butterfly using same wing fabric as before.

Lady bird in different fabric.

A dragon-fly showing off her colours.

The birds remind me of Fantails that fly around here.

The centre complete with peek a boo frame.

I am looking at fabrics for next border.
Thank you for visiting.
Happy Stitching,

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Travel Pattern.

Hello my friends.
I have been unwell with Bronchitis,
another visit to Dr and Xray  to see
that it was slowly going.
More medication!
Now I was the 45th to stitch this pattern.
If you would like to be the next
(as it is ready to post)
please leave me a comment to say so with a way to contact you. 
I will pick a name and contact that person for postal address
and then send along.

I enjoyed making mine into a `stand alone`.
I used 40ct linen from out of my cupboard.
The label has gone for this.
I used  Sampler Threads:
`Desert Mesquite` for the vine rather than `Pine`,
`Vintage Lace` for flowers as `Harvest Basket` didn`t show on linen. 
The wording is `Clay Pot` instead of `Grape Arbor`.
The Ric -Rac is herringbone stitched in place. 

This months letter for Bunting is 
and a little cute reindeer.  

Kissing Teddies this time.

Miss Tillie with her feet up fast asleep.

My sewing machine has been away for a few days as I missed a pin!!!
She went well out of aliment.
I`m packing her up to go here. Hubby dropped her off on his way to work.
Now she`s home I hope to feel well enough to work with her.
Well this will do me today but hope to post again near the end of the week.
Happy Stitching,