Tuesday, 27 December 2011

The first Gift

The meaning of Christmas was the first gift, Jesus gave his life for us so we could live. What a gift of Grace that was for us.

Our Saviour born on Christmas Day. This nativity set was a gift to me some years back from a speacial friend.
Now a few of the gifts I gave:

This was my gift for my Global swap through  fionamarie.com. The tea towel was a gift for Kate @ Show and Tell.

These aangels I made some years ago and are part of my Christmas display in my home.
Hope this Christmas Season has given you blessings.
Thankyou for visiting, Happy Stitching.

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Saviours Day nearly here

Hi everyone. Hope you all have a Happy Christmas. I`ve been stitching and as a few people know posting. So pleased that my parcel for TCGS arrived in plenty of time in Australia.

This ones mine, wondering what I`ve got. Will find out in the morning. Thankyou so much my friend.

I  made this for my friend Kath for her birthday earlier this month

The other side which show her  grey cat, he`s really friendly.

The centre of this little stitching bag. It`s a Red Brolly design. I use it often to make for friends,must make myself one.

My hubby is a volunteer at our local firebrigde and every year we have our Christmas Party for the children. As our children are grown our grandchildren come. The children enjoy a ride in the fire engine. Our grand daughter loved it.

And of course Santa came. This our little grand-daughter not so sure about the man wearing  the red suit and white beard. Our grandson new how it worked from play group.

These I made for two non blogger friends.

Sorry can`t seem to turn photo! The cushions came from Nancy Halvorsens `Star Of Wonder` booklet and the ornaments from `Just Cross Stitch ` magazines.

Look where Puss has turned up now,under the Christmas tree. Hope next year to have my tree skirt finished. See how my progress goes on that.
Hubbys working on his canoe fibre glassing to water proof:

Here are two of my Christmas wall hangings and a Christmas quilt that gets a little quilting done on it at this time of the year. It was a mystery quilt for me a few years back. The wall hangings are out of two `Debbie Mumm` books.

Hope you all have a safe and Happy Christmas with family and friends. I`m going to make my Traffic Lights slice, Christmas mince pies and hopefully be ready to attend the 9pm candle light service at our Church.
Thankyou for visiting and hope you come back soon.
Happy Stitching,

Thursday, 10 November 2011


Hi everyone, it`s been a while. Hope to have regular postings from now on. Look who taken over my sewing basket.  Good thing that `Vignette` hexagon flower quilts well on the way.

Quite pleased with myself. Hubbys asking am I sick of making these. I`m not.

`My Lovely Sewing Tools` by Marie Suarez from `The Gift of Stitching` online magazine. This is the mystery sampler over six parts. This is part 1. I`m stitching with Kathy ( she is the organizer),Cucki and Joanne as a SAL.

I must`ve moved the camera, will give a better photo when my `Tilda Doll` is dressed. She`s lovely.
Quaker Bag

Panel 1
Panel 2

Panel 3

Pocket 1

Pocket 2

Pocket 3
This is my `Quaker Bag` a BOM from The Embroiderer. Sorry for pockets being this way couldn`t turn them. Pocket #3 has a little more stitching,ran out of thread. More coming.
Fabric: 32 count Creme Brulee Hand Dyed Linen.
       Threads:GA Old Red Paint,Maple Syrup, Old Purple Paint
                          Wood Rose, Crystal Lake, Lexington green,Endrive.
WDW L anchester Red

Hubby had a fortnights holiday so built this canoe that he designed. this a WIP for him. It`s sitting on the trailer he built  when the children where small.
Well till next time Happy Stitching,Clare.

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Spring day

It`s a lovely spring day here. The birds are singing. The gift for Raewyn is what I`ve been stitching of late.She recieved  her parcel yesterday  so go for a visit. http://stitchingfarmgirl.blogspot.com/ .
This is one of my favourite tote bags. A friend gave me the fabric strips as a birthday gift so using  `Bareroots` pattern ,some DMC threads,those fabrics and homespun for stitching I `ve this lovely tote.

These where some of last years Christmas gifts for three friends.  I stitched them from `JXS  Christmas ornaments issues. Thinking which ones to stitch for this year !

This the first Sampler I stitched . It comes from a set of two but I haven`t been able to get the other. 
Well I hope everyone has a great weekend so till next posting I will get back to my stitching.
Happy Stitching Clare. 

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Here I go,SOLO

Today I`ll try to go `Solo`.
We are suppose to hav spring sunshine but it`s raining.The grass is growing heaps.So lawns have been mowed.
Sad from the people in Bay of Plenty with the oil from container ship spilling out and coming up on the beaches.

Now to some more of my stitching:
Designer: Shepherds Bush.
Fabric:Floba 19ct              
Threads: perle` DMC,CC,WDW.
Started and finished 2010.

I was going to add anther photo but it`s painfully slow at the moment.The first one was fine as you can see.  Over the nect few days I will try to get photos of some of my latest WIPs.
Yesterday I had a friend come to stitch with me.  We worked on our `Shepherds Bush` Christmas Stockings. Sorry no photos  of those today.
The sun is brightening up the sky for us. Well time for me to get on with my day.
So Happy Stiching till next time,Clare.

Monday, 10 October 2011

See some more of my work

This is my favourite scissor fob at the moment.  It is a `Chessie and Me`.  It was from `The Embrioderer` as part of their `Biscornu Club` in 2009.  I enjoyed  being part of  this. I had shown the back of the fob as was the other side of puss but trying to change where I`d put him I lost that photo of him.  

Thankyou for the lovely comments from those visiting.                                                                                         

 This is a round robyn that  was part of  I think about 1998 .  I was amember of  `Hawkes Bay Patchworkers`.I appliqued the house and embroideerd a garden. Three other ladies worked a border each then it came back to me for quilting.  I hand quilted this one. I should`ve quilted a bit more in the last border.

 The start of  my `Vignette` hexagon flower quilt .I`m putting my 140 flowers into rows now.Will show in a later post . Thanks for visiting .Happy Stitching,Clare.

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Learning Curve:Some of my Stitching.

Some of my work...

This was a gift for my friend Kerry`s birthday earlier in the year. It`s a Red Brolly pattern stitched with verigated DMC.

This is another WIPs of  A Christmas  quilt  from `Homespun` # 32  6.6 of Bronwyn Hayes `Girls Christmas Party Quilt.I`ve replaced  the santas with the angels.

Two of my stitcheries. The bellpull is from a Stoney Creek magazine a few years ago.The 12 houses is a Drawn Thread pattern.

This quilt I made for Ross`s grandmothers 90th. It came back to me after she passed away.This quilt was for a very special lady.  The quilt underneath is `Birdhouses ` of Thimbleberries.

Thanks for stopping by,I hope to be here lots as I learn about blogland. 

I`m in Blogland!

This is my very first post on my own. Thankyou to Kath  for helping me to start my blog.

Sunday, 2 October 2011


Hi Folks

I am new to this so please have patience with me.

I hope to be with you soon.