Tuesday, 15 January 2019

Sewing with others.

Hello my friends.
First I would like to welcome my new followers.
This is lovely. I also joined Instagram
and have my profile to do there.:)
Busy time`s.
I am sewing Lori Holt of 
Lori had this as SAL in 2016.
Cheryll   https://stitchingcubbyhole.blogspot.com/
Has started one for a few of us.
I brought the template set and using from my stash.
Block 1

Still to applique on but as yet while putting things away
in new sewing unit my bag with needle turn threads 
has not appeared. In due course it will.
This is safe on Lori`s board that I made.

After setting up machines I finished last month`s
Delbrook block.
My other sewing is in one of the draws that I have set aside
 for my projects on the machine to do.
So watch this space.
Happy Stitching,


  1. Great start to your BLooM... and I love the Delbrook block too... xox

  2. Nice to see another Bloom happening!

  3. Beautiful Bloom block. The Delbrook block is very pretty too!

  4. Love to see all the BLOOM blocks.

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