Sunday, 6 January 2019

Quilting Table.

Hello my friends.
My Hubby built this quilting unit for me.
This side my Bernina is set up.
The cutting board is on top of quilting table for good cutting height.   

The other side has the new Pfaff  ready for use only needs plugging in. 

This side show the overlocker on it`s shelf.
Plus the draw space.
Still some things to put away in them.

Well a little more furniture to arrange and I hope to sew tomorrow.
Happy Stitching,


  1. Congratulations! What a handy guy. Enjoy stitching in the new year.

  2. Your table looks fantastic... xox

  3. Wow, Clare what a marvelous craft space. Plus you can face the room now instead if having your back to it.

  4. Hi Clare finally found your blog again .Wow what an amazing table your hubby has made for you,love how there is a space for everything,it's a great design . I am also your newest follower,hope you will visit and follow me too,I have a new blog now as I had deleted the old one cheers Shez xx

  5. That piece of furniture is stunning ! All you need to do great crafts !

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