Sunday, 11 November 2018

Stitching a little more

Hello my friends,
These last few weeks I have been sewing and stitching.
First a little more on 
`I belong to a Cross Stitch Nation`.
I have started on the man`s coat but still not sure of 
 stitching the navy!! Not sure if this will show up.

Some more of the flower border at the top and a word.
As this is the SAL with a difference Sunday I have put links at the bottom
 of this post for you to visit the other`s who have joined as well.
I hope you have time to see what progress they have done.

Completed this months Delbrook block.
Using the no waste method for flying geese was 
interesting to do. Worked out putting a pin in only one layer 
helped getting centre points to sit right.

By the time we got the camera Peanut had stopped licking
the rain water dripping into the drum.
The neighbour rang to say she had a Oppossum
hiding in her porch.

Well that`s my stitching for now. 
I have brought an iPad and been learning things on that.
Taking up stitching time.:)


  1. Pretty border! You've got a good bit done, considering what else you have on.

  2. Progress is progress, no matter how little it may seem to you. Both the cross stitch and the quilt block look great!

  3. Getting the borders done is always a big plus in my book! This is a sweet piece of stitchery, I will enjoy watching it develop!

  4. Every new stitch is a progress! Your cat is adorable!!!!

  5. That's really cute ! I'd be terrified if I saw that opposum under my porch however, it looks massive (and evil) !

  6. Al progress is progress and it’s more than I managed this time! It’s looking lovely, I quite like the navy.