Sunday, 2 December 2018

A little Man

Hello my friends.
The flowers of a lemon tree.
I have not noticed these before,
they are so pretty.

The weeks have gone by so quickly.
Time to show my stitching for 
SAL with a difference.
I have stitched little man with mustard coat 
and blue tie and hat trim.
Not really a mustard girl but fits in well.

I have my Christmas stitching to carry on with,
plus we are putting up new wallpaper in dining and lounge.
Please visit with these other SAL stitchers.
Happy Stitching,


  1. It's good to work on a project with lots of mini finishes. Well done. Hope your decorating goes well :-)

  2. Nice work on the little man in the mustard coat! And good luck getting your Christmas stitching wrapped up.

  3. Your man in the mustard coat turned out great.
    Good luck with the Christmas projects and the wallpaper.

  4. Beautiful flowers in your picture and nice work on the stitching :)

  5. I love mustard yellow and I love his coat! Enjoy all the Christmas stitching!

  6. Your Little People are certainly snappy dressers :-)

  7. He certainly looks ready to escort the two ladies now! Or perhaps he's going to be holding yet another of their tools?

  8. Good progress, so will we see more people joining the present trio?

  9. I love your little man! You are making great progress.

  10. It is so hard to get anything done at this time of the year. Well done!