Sunday, 21 October 2018

SAL & Mystery`s

Hello my friends.
Time to show where I am with 
`I belong to the Cross Stitch Nation`
by Heartstring Samplery.
This is what I am stitching for this SAL,
shown every third Sunday.

Now month 8 
`Whimsical Woodland `
by The Country yard.

A close up of the cute snail.

These next two are month 3 of
`Winter Charm`
Applique flowers,

and rows of flying geese.

Please visit with the others as they show where they are with their projects.
If  you would like to know more about this SAL,check out Avis on her blog. 
Happy Stitching,


  1. welcome to the SAL ^^ and well done on being so productive!

  2. Lovely projects! I especially like the Cross Stitch Nation piece :-)

  3. Lovely stitching, I think my favrourite is the applique flowers, so neat :-)

  4. Very pretty stitching on your SAL project. Welcome to the group :-)

  5. Welcome to the SAL - loving the little cross stitch piece!

  6. Your embroidery is darling! Glad you've joined us in the SAL. :-)

  7. Welcome to the SAL Group! All lovely projects! Cute embroidery and love the applique flowers <3

  8. Welcome to the SAL group Clare! You have a wonderful diversity of projects going on, I look forward to watching them develop and getting to know you!

  9. Hello Clare, I have hopped to you from Sue, and great to find another Kiwi on a friend's blog comments. We live in the Rangitikei, and am right in the middle of packing and moving to a new home.Still in the same small township, a much smaller section,and a huge room for sewing and quilty stuff!! Lovely applique and geese, what a great shade of blue. Isn't it so nice when you are welcomed with warmth and such loving and lovely words.

  10. Hallo and welcome from Sweden!!! Your project is great and the title… perfect!!!!!!

  11. Welcome to the SAL! You have a number of lovely projects, lots to look at admire in the coming weeks!

  12. Hi Claire - welcome to the SAL! I'm getting caught back up and just added you to my blog post (apologies for missing you before!). I love your "I belong" piece, and that adorable snail. I look forward to seeing your projects grow!

  13. Thank you for the good and very helpful information. It is very interesting.

  14. I love all of your stitching, you are keeping very busy :)

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