Sunday, 11 August 2019


Hello my friends.
I`ve been rearranging my sewing and stitching.
This is still in progress hence I have 
miss placed my pattern and threads for 
`I Belong to a Cross Stitch Nation`.

Hence no stitching to finish this. :(
It will turn up but not in time for today.
Please visit the other Stitcher`s here for
SAL with a difference.

So I stitched some more on my 
`Strawberry Fields Forever`
by Blackbird Deigns. 

This is a cushion cover in the making.

Peanut the cat thinks this way he will catch the 
Tui birds that come visiting.
Happy stitching,


  1. I hope you find your pattern soon. Thanks for linking to us all :-)

  2. Beautiful stitches! Nice the cat Peanut! Good Summer!

  3. sometimes it's nice to change projects for a while.

  4. I worked that Strawberry Fields design and loved it. Had a hard time finding the pattern actually.
    Meanwhile, this exact thing has happened to me. I know it's not lost but where is it and it could be a while before it turns up...for me. So good luck with that and meanwhile you have lovely stitching there anyway.

  5. Hope the pattern turns up soon! When I lose something in my sewing room, I usually find it when I quit looking! LOL

  6. I really hope you´ll find the pattern again! The cat is very cute :)

  7. Have to laugh at your cat. :-D It's frustrating when we mislay things. Sure hope your pattern and threads turn up soon. It's a good thing we nearly all have extra projects on hand!

  8. I sometimes put things somewhere special so I don't lose them... and then forget where they are. And then they turn up when I'm not looking! Love your cat pic!

  9. Oh no. How frustrating! I hope your pattern and threads turned up!

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