Sunday, 17 June 2018


Hello my friends,
I have made progress on some things.
The Country Yard`s mystery
`Whimsical Woodland`.
Block 4.

Framing blocks 1,



My stitching rods came.
They have velcro for attaching which my others don`t.
We brought tape to staple on as seems to be firmer.
Plus easy for use later.
Hubby is going to extend my lap frame to attach for easier stitching.
Progress has gone on this too but will show more once on frame. :)

One of my sisters had a speacial birthday this year 
so made a bag from Lynette Anderson`s book 
`It`s Quilting Cat`s and Dog`s`.
I put a pocket at the front under the wavy edge and some inside,
one with a zip.
I used Lynette`s design of owl from her book
`Stitch It For Spring` as suited fabric the best.
Then a project bag with a pattern and two packets of EPP
hexagon`s that she was wanting. 

Well best get on as stitching other things as surprises but
seem to be slow on these.
Happy Stitching,


  1. how cute are your Whimsical Woodland creatures..
    Nice that hubby can help with your frame to make stitching easier for you.
    Lovely bag you make for your sister.

  2. I LoVe the fabric you chose to frame the stitcheries. xox

  3. This quilt is just darling! What a fun piece!

  4. Dear Clare,
    thank you for your visit on my blog so I became aware of your blog. You make so wonderful things and I'll rummage around here for now.
    Much greetings

  5. Lovely stitchery projects you have going on! Enjoy!