Friday, 13 November 2015

Last Weekend

Hello my friends.
I had my computer off line while we carpeted the end bedroom &hallway.
Hence no posting.
While that was happening we had 
`Flamingo Hunt`
with our church youth group.
This year we had two Flamingo`s to hide.

Hubby had the plan.
So viewing spot set after he has duck taped them in place.

But before getting to the viewing spot there was a trip wire that set off a smoke alarm.
That let us know they had come so if we choose to they had to do a job for us.

A closeup of the gum tree bird.

The 2nd was taped in the walnut tree.

A closeup of number 2.

Team 1 arrived and the alarm scared one of the girls.
Then they looked around.
I told them if they where hot or cold. :)

The gum tree one was found 1st.
So a brave girl climbed up.

Breaking the branch she was able to release the Flamingo
throwing it down to her team mates.
Hubby wasn`t worried as we use this tree for wood anyway.

The girls wanted Max in with the fun.
We let them off from the chore as felt too  heavy for them.

About an hour later the 2nd team arrived.
Once they located their Flamingo
They climbed into the walnut while hubby had the hose on them.

Some of this team got wet.
But went away with their bird.

The chore was to lift a large roll of carpet to the lawn.
It took most of them to lift it.
A final photo with hubby before they went hunting @ someone else`s home

This Sunday @ church will be a video of how they all got on. 

A look down the hall showing the new carpet laid out.
That parts complete now,so two bedrooms and hall done.
The lounge and last bedroom yet to be done.
The carpet is pure wool,cut pile and is so soft under foot.

I`ve also started on my ornie stitching.
This is slow as stitching for Christmas gifts that can`t be shown yet.
Happy Stitching,

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  1. Fun fun hunt! I laughed at the bird in the tree -LOL! Great hiding place.
    Lovely ornament you are stitching. love Annette