Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Going on the Sleigh

Hello my friends,
I`m on time for SSCS.

The parcels ready to go on the Sleigh.
A start on Christmas gifts.

This is the 2nd block of my $25 quilt with Delbrook.

The 3rd block.

This months was the 4th block. 

I put them together in a four patch display.
1                     2

3                          4
I moved them around and liked this 
set better.

I do have more BOMs on the go but with Christmas projects they are on hold!!
Well back to more stitching and finishing of Christmas gifts.
Happy Stitching,


  1. Well done Clare having your gifts ready to post..
    Lots of lovely blocks there.

  2. Dear Clare,
    SSCS is so exciting, love your Delbrook blocks, just read about the program and decided I could not come to the store once a month. Pretty colors,

  3. Wow your quilt blocks are stunning. Someone is going to be super thrilled:) love Annette