Saturday, 5 April 2014

Quilt Show

Good morning my friends.
Today your visit with me will be of the time I spent at 
`Wine Country Quilts Waipukurau`
a few weekends ago.
These are a few of the wonderful display of quilts there.
I`m sorry this time I forgot to write the names of quilts and who made them.
 Silly of me.

The applique was so beautifully stitched.

I love the houses with the vine in between.

This poppy quilt was two pieces with a 3D look.
The photo below is a closeup of the work.

There was a display of `Hoffman Challenge`
This is to show the fabric that was to be part of the 

The next few photos are of what designs where made.

The peacock I took three photos,
the next two closeups of the detailed stitching.

This would be a lovely scrap quilt to do.

The snakes and ladder quilt had a bag attached 
to show it could be played as a game.

I went two days as there was sit in mini work shops
of 20 minutes of tutor telling us about her work and how to use the ideas .
The Saturday I looked around the quilts and the stalls.
Plus a workshop on `Computer Designing Quilts` by Sheila Christensen.
Then saw that Sunday there was two workshops that interested me.
Sunday afternoon after Church in the morning back we went.
The first workshop was `Scrap Happy` by Vivienne Franklin in regards to scrap quilts.
The next was `Domestic machine quilting`by Anne Williamson.
I enjoyed and learnt lots from both.
Now to find time to enjoy using these tips.
Well hubby feels hes seeing under water when looking down so progress
with his sight.
Time for my chores to be done and check the mail.
Please come again and I do so so enjoy your comments.
Happy Stitching,


  1. Wow so beautiful
    Big hugs x

  2. Thank you for sharing the photos Clare, always so inspiring to go to shows, whether they are big or small :-) Nice goodies in your previous post!!

  3. Wonderful quilt show and beautiful quilts you took photos of.
    Thank you for sharing. Prayers for your husband and hopes he gets all of his eye sight back.
    love Annette