Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Time to post

Hello my friends.
Sit down and visit for awhile and thankyou for the lovely comments on my last post.
The days go by so quick that it is a few weeks since my last post.
I have been stitching and busy rearranging my home.
First this is the progress on LHN Mystery Sampler. 
I have another house on the other side panel to stitch.
The way it is coming along I should be up to date by the time the last part comes.
It will be so nice to have another finish for myself this year.
I do enjoy stitching for others though.

We had our 5 year old grandson come and stay for a week of his first school holidays.
We spent one of the days  at Kairakau beach which is 30kms away from our home. A 30 minutes drive away. I was prepared for one change of clothes but could have taken more.
The water was too cold for swimming but alright for a quick paddle.
We also had a picnic. 
The week went so quick and then it was time to take him home a few days before school started again.

Cucki sent me these lovely gifts in friendship. She has blessed me so much with them.
Since I have been on line we have emailed each other and become friends.
Thankyou Cucki for being one of my special online friends. 

These two girls had to come home with me from Anni Downs workshop.
One is a kit the other will come together from fabrics and trims out of my cupboards.
My bag is still WIP but coming along nicely.

I thought I would show the full inside if my Merry Cox needle case.
I didn`t get to show it in the last post.

Well thankyou for your visit and will catch up again soon.
I must start on our dinner.
Happy Stitching,


  1. Your cross stitch is beautiful Clare. Lovely new patterns and needlecase too.

  2. lovely cross stitching Clare.

  3. Great update Clare! Your LHN mystery piece looks great. The Merry Cox finished piece is just gorgeous too.
    What a lovely gift from cucki.
    Looks like you had fun with the grandson :)

  4. Aww sweet stitching and very pretty needle case too...
    Sweet new patterns.
    I love you dear friend.
    Hugs x

  5. Everything in this post is lovely... pic's, stitching and words! :)

  6. Nice to see what you are up to Clare. The mystery x-stitch is going to be beautiful :-) Lovely gifts and doll patterns. Looks like you are keeping your hands busy!!

  7. Great to find another Kiwi cross stitching blog :) *waves from Auckland*

    Thanks so much for sharing your progress photos of the mystery sampler. Debating whether to get this, and I think I will now.

  8. We have such similar tastes in stitching. The Merry Cox needlecase is lovely! I am getting the Chateau Hexagon series too, but only the pattern. The kit was not an option here :(
    And I'm also working on LHN Mystery stitch :0
    Wonderful progress you're making!

  9. So many lovely things! Wonderful needlecase!