Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Out of the cupboard

Hello my friends.
I`ve been stitching but can`t show as yet ! So I thought I`d show my `Yuletide Joy`. This has been in the cupboard for sometime,so out it came.

A bear by a tree.

Ye Old Santa

 And another santa with a snowman block showing on the side

The tree made with strip piecing.
I`ve finished all the blocks but need to put their beads on or stitch a mouth. The beads are somewhere safe! So next time will be a complete top ready for quilting. I think hubby will be wondering why the dinning table has a new purpose!
Thankyou for your visit and love the comments. Till next post.
Happy Stitching,


  1. That will be a lovely addition to your Christmas Decorating.

  2. It looks great, Clare - a lovely Christmas quilt.

  3. wow so cuteeeeeeeeeeeee xxx

  4. Enjoy your blog, and all your creativity. Happy Stitching.