Wednesday, 31 October 2012

New addition to our family

Hello my blogging friends.
I pray that if you are near New York or in that area that you and your family and friends are safe.
We have a new addition to our family.

He disappears when he sit down as there is so much grass.
He hasn`t a name as yet but my friend  Kath thinks Jack will be a good name.
He bleated for his mum at first but since there are other sheep at the neigbours he soon settled down.

We brought him home in a sack in the front of the car with me holding him,talking and rubbing his nose. He was really quiet.

After my shopping time today with my Uncle and then Hubby sorted for his night shift I put  another Thimbleberries block together for `Thimbleberries Day`

Block 10 of `Lakeside` 2008 Thimbleberries Quilt Club.
 I fussy cut to get the birds and flowers. The layout turned out well. Next month is the applique for the centre block.

Here is the gift I made for my friend Barbara `to stitch or not to stitch` blog. After sending I was on tender hooks that it would arrive. Was so relieved to get her email saying so.
The stitching design is a freebie from `A Stitchers Story`. I went through `Freebie Gallery`. I stitched with `Cottage Garden` thread 104 Dog Rose. 

Showing the inside of the blockroll,needle booklet and the back of scissor holder with fob.
Well time for me to go as my stitching is waiting.Nice to unwind after a busy day.
 Hope you all have some down time to stitch too!
Hope you enjoyed your visit to my little part of the world.
Happy Stitching,


  1. aww such a sweet new family member..i love him so much..
    it is a very lovely gift that you make for barbara..i love it so much..i am keep on looking at cuteeeeee
    big hugs and love cucki xxx

  2. Yep, it has to be Jack. He looks like a Jack lol. Love the things you made for Barbara, and read on her blog too. That fabric is a bit cute too.

  3. Hello Jack!
    The project that you made for Barbara is just lovely.

  4. I think "Jack" would be perfect too Clare :)Such a lovely gift you made for Barbara,well done

  5. Lovely Thimbleberries block Clare, and the gifts are beautiful. Jack is a very cute lamb, and so lucky to have all that grass. My pets here would be very envious of so much grass! Long-lost envelope is on it's way to you today - so sorry - I carefully put your address in a very 'safe' place and then couldn't find it! Hopefully you will see it early next week...... have a lovely weekend...Nicky x

  6. Your gift for Barbara is gorgeous and your quilt blocks are lovely