Monday, 6 August 2012

Adding to stash

Today I remembered I hadn`t shown what I brought at `Heirlooms`(Barberry Row&With Love) when Sherelyn had her display of stitching. There was juice,coffee and tea with nibbles as well that evening. A lovely time for my friends and myself. There was a door prize and amazing for me I won it. This surprise will come to me on the 20th of August. Looking forward to that.

With My Needle `Blue House Needle Primer` which encluded a wooden hornbook and mounting board. The cotton reel goes with `An Icelandic Christmas Sewing Set`. I didn`t get the hornbook for this,maybe at a later date. The wooden thread holder has `Stitchery soothed the soul and inspires the mind` written on it. `My Tuscany:a Shaker box in Italy` with accessories is the third one. 
I had another spend for a few things from Needle Arts but as thay are for stitchery gifts that will be shown at a later date.
This post will be short as keep getting message,hope there`s no hick-ups.
Please come again as I love you visiting.
Happy Stitching,


  1. Aww the new pattern are so cute..enjoy them xxx

  2. Hello Clare,

    Lovely stitching goodies. Congrats on winning the door prize, certainly makes a great evening.

    Happy days.

  3. You got some lovely new stash

  4. Hi Clare, I've just had a catch up read of your posts and it's been interesting to see what you are up to. What beautiful work you do! It seems you are keeping up with your Country Yard projects too :-)