Friday, 6 April 2012

For his Love for us

I`m using my Bible block from `Some kind of Wonderful` SAL quilt to show the cross. Reminding me of the great love JESUS had for me to be my saviour. He died for me and you to set us free from sin and death to have new lives in JESUS. Our SALVATION.
Today some of our church members are joining with other churches in the area to walk through public places with a rough wooden cross to symbolically see our old selves nailed to the cross with JESUS as he took the power of sin from us if we only believe in him as or Saviour.
Easter Sunday we CELEBRATE that JESUS is not dead but rose again, which means that we have been saved by him from the power of sin and death and we are now free to live saved lives.

         John 14.6 Jesus answered,`I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

I hope and pray that as you spend time with family and friends this holiday weekend you find time to stitch and maybe think of Jesus and what he means to you.

Hubby`s been given a clearance to go back to work Tuesday and also allowed to help out at Easter Camp in the kitchens as he does every year.
I`ll have a few days on my own here as Celeste is to stay at our married daughter Donnas for the week. I`d like to catch up on some chores then sit and stitch. Have a few things to do.
I have recieved a lovely Easter gift from Katrina but will show at next posting.
So as Easter starts I`ll sign off.
Happy Stitching and thankyou for visiting. Love for you to come again.


  1. Lovely post Clare, hope you have a nice Easter weekend.