Saturday, 31 March 2012

Amazing I`ve got time

At last I`ve time to blog. First my blocks B and C of Garderners Journal for months February and March which I had not shown till now.

Loving the progress on this quilt. In the next day or two I `ll start block D.
Amazing that I`ve got time to do this as earlier in the week Hubby had an accident with his hand (he had proper gloves on) getting caught while helping to put an aviray onto the back of a truck. We have had him to the Drs every few days for redressing. So thankful I can drive. He`s had his arm in a sling to keep his hand raised.

Even for his birthday. We shared this time with family.

Look what I`ve won!  My daughter Celeste got the raffle ticket for me  from `The Paul Hunter Centre ` . It has been a lovely surprise.

Last week my friend Joanne and I went to see `Wine Country Quilts Exhibition` up at Pukeora Estate Waipukurau. I took a few photos.

The piecing of this quilt drafting sheep was amazing, no wonder it won a ribbon.

Look at the oppossum. Had to take photo of this as Hubby use to trap them for their fur which he made slippers from the tanned skins. Another with a ribbon. The photo don`t show the 3D detail.

This was my pick out of the ones with out ribbons. Such cool cats. So glad I went.
Well must away to finish Dinner preparations. Thanks for lovely comments and till next time:
 Happy Stitching, Clare.


  1. Your GJ blocks are beautiful. However long it takes you're going to have a gorgeous quilt in the end. Love the pussy cat quilt you picked out from the show... that would have been a favourite of mine too.
    Congrats on your win and comiserations to hubby.. hope is hand is well on the mend now.

  2. Love your blocks Claire! And sending thoughts for a speedy recovery for your husband.

  3. Your GJ blocks are looking's going to be a lovely quilt. That's a beautiful board that you have won :-) What lovely quilts from the show-- I love that cat one too - it has a gorgeous applique border. Hope your hubby heals quickly.

  4. Your blocks look beautiful Clare. Your poor hubby, I hope he mends quickly.