Friday, 31 January 2020

A New Year.

Hello my friends a bit late but at least it`s still January 2020.
A quick post this time before the month finishes.

I`ve made some new project bag`s.

A new project with Shabby Fabric`s.
`Home` wall hanging.

Ann Roberts 1842.
Just a few new starts but still working on a few WIP`s too.
Happy Stitching,


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  2. Love the zip bags. I have made them as gifts for friends and have several for myself. I am thinking of trying to avoid the binding by just sewing around all the edges and then turning it right side out through the zipper. I would probably have to put a border on all sides of the vinyl to do this. Then top stitch all around. I like the binding, but that is the part I find the hardest on these bags.