Sunday, 22 September 2019

Strawberry Fields and a quilt.

Hello my friends.
I stitched the fence and urn on
`Strawberry Fields Forever`
by BBD.
This is my work for 
`SAL with a Difference`
There are two new ladies this time so welcome
Susan and Anne. Please go to visit and see them.

This is my $25 quilt by Delbrook ready now for 
quilting. It was fun getting the layers together
as my sewing/quilting unit takes up the space I usually 

I am also stitching 
`Jack Frost Tree Farm` 
as a whole piece to be framed once finished.
I now have all the designs,only to find time to stitch on this one.

Well these last few weeks I`ve had my hubby have a 
Trans Global Amnesia attack lasting thankfully only
an hour and a half. He`s had a scan through the acute
assessment ward and everything`s fine now.
He`s had two weeks without driving and stand-down from 
being a fireman. He`s a volunteer for this but involved 
in keeping the station going which he enjoys. 
Things are back to normal, he`s even helped at Youth Camp this weekend.
Time to go,so happy stitching till next time,


  1. Very pretty work! Hope your hubby is feeling better

  2. love the contrast between red & grey!

  3. Beautiful stitching. So glad your hubby is on the mend :-)

  4. Yikes on your husband's attack! Hope that doesn't happen again. Strawberry Fields is looking lovely. The Tree Farm is going to be fun too!

  5. I really like both of your stitching designs and the quilt too! Glad that hubby is on the mend, that had to be scary for both of you.

  6. Great progress! Hope your hubby is feeling better now!

  7. I remember how much I enjoyed working on Strawberry Fields...I know I would enjoy the Tree Farm piece as well. You have been busy. I too am sorry to hear about your hubby's episode but also so thankful he has recovered. It is true we just never know what life will throw at us, do we.

  8. Hi Clare - belated congratulations on getting the Cross Stitch Nation piece finished! All your WIPs look wonderful -- especially Jack Frost's Tree Farm. I hope your husband is well on the mend.

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  12. Your stitching and your quilt are lovely! I am so glad your husband is doing better!

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