Sunday, 17 March 2019


Hello my friends.
Time for
`SAL with a Difference`.

I have finished top border and more on the bottom border.
This has helped me find my mistake on the lady above.
I hope to have that sorted and moving onto the next 
lady by the next time I post.
Thank  you for the lovely comments. 
Happy Stitching,

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                                    on their projects are coming along.
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  2. Hunting mistakes is not much fun! Hope you are able to get things sorted to your satisfaction and get back to stitching for fun, Clare!

  3. Ugh I hate finding a mistake, but I'm sure you will come up with a plan to correct or conceal! I love your Cross Stitch nation x

  4. Good luck with sorting out the error. I hope it's an easy one to fix/ignore.

  5. Don't ya just loath finding a mistake at the EnD.
    Hope it's an easy repair... xox

  6. I often stitch another area just to see if things will line up further along. It is so easy to make a mistake. IT is all progress! Love the lady.

  7. Oh no! Not a mistake! You've made so much progress; I hope you don't have to take out too much to make a correction.

  8. Well done for spotting it - sometimes it can take an absolute age to spot where it is, can't it?! It's looking really nice!