Monday, 29 May 2017

My Stitching and

Hello my friends.
Nearing the end of the month so I will show a few more projects
I have been working on. 
I started my circle of friends 
`Threads that Bind`
a The Drawn Thread design.
I could not help myself starting this one. :)
I did make a mistake with Ruby Slipper thread.
This meant I didn`t have enough so while looking for another of the same
I saw WDW Brick.
I am using that in this section and will go back 
and use in the other space`s as well.

I also enjoy stitching BBD design patterns 
hence started this lovely design,
It`s Spring Fever .

I like kitting up my projects but found if put aside for any reason I
sometimes miss placed the threads 
and when found wondered what design they where meant for .
So now I`ve started putting them on rings with
these labels.

 I am also stitching a few fobs and things for friends
 so once they have received their gifts I will show those too.
In a few months time we are going on an overseas trip
 to see my Pen Pal of 50 years who lives in USA .
So when I saw this daylight lamp I had to get one.
Very compact.

It takes batteries and extends up

A safety cap over the magnifier .

Plus it`s so light. :)
Well must sign off .
Happy Stitching,


  1. They are going to be nice cross stitches.....
    Wow friends for 50 years..... That is going to be wonderful... I lost contact with my two was in nz and the other in usa

  2. Hi Clare what a great idea to put your threads on the rings and with a label,love your drawn work and that lamp is perfect for your o/s's trip xx

  3. I am just like you, always misplacing threads for projects - I love those rings - my LNS uses them but I can never find where to buy them. Two lovely designs and I that lamp is so clever!

  4. Wifely duties do have to come first - what a special celebration for DH. Lovely start on Lady Sampler too.