Thursday, 3 November 2016

Silver needles and some nice mail

Hello my friends,
I have joined Chookyblue`s SSCS again this year.
Some secret stitching going on but 
I will show other stitching today. :)

DMC E168 Silver I used for needles instead of 
DMC E436 Antique metallic thread. 

A little more stitching on this LHN  project.

I joined again with The Silver Needles 
`A Little Help from Our Friends`
Stitching Circle.
Plum Street Samplers is the first with:
Fraktur Friends pretty cushion.

The kit came with everything to make and finish,
plus these lovely pins.

Today's mail brought this lovely kit. 

Included in the kit with fabric and threads is this
amazing needle holder custom made by Jennifer West.

A close up of the flowers.
The top with a pink centre,the bottom a lovely lavender shade. 

On the back is this tiny but cute ladybird.

Once my Christmas projects complete I know a few stitching
projects that I will carry on with and these two will join them.
Happy Stitching,


  1. Those club projects look great--hard to resist joining

  2. Hi Clare,what a lovely stitchery and i love the needle holder.

  3. happy secret stitching..........doing some myself your cross stitches..........