Tuesday, 27 September 2016

So Busy

Hello my friends,
I have been busy helping with our latest grandson.
His Mum and Dad have been here over two weeks
with him.
We have been getting up with night feeds as well.
I have been unwell as well over this last week.

Three pairs: Grandpop`s,Daddy`s & Ezekiels foot wear.

My first day home wearing a jacket made by my great grandmother .

Having a stretch.

Time with Daddy.
It has been quite full on for me,
but loving cuddles time.
No stitching time for me.
Happy Stitching for you all.


  1. Aww. how adorable! I can see why you've had no stitching time--much better to cuddle that sweetie :)

  2. Hi Clare oh your little GS is adorable,congrats.
    I hope you are feeling better now xx

  3. Wonderful!! Enjoy your times together!

  4. No stitching time, but you gotta cuddle those babies as long as you can!