Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Steps 3 - 5

Hello my friends,
these last few weeks have gone so fast.
We are putting new carpet down
and the master bedroom is done. :)
Sorting out where things go while doing this has taken time
and quite a lot of packing.
Like moving house!
But I made time to stitch.
I have completed Steps 3 -5 of Sue Daley`s SAL.

Step 3 was adding a round of  dark blue  shapes to the centre.

Then step 4 was these flower shapes.
While I stitched one the other covered hexagons 
I used paper clips to hold them together for each flower.

Six flowers made ready for step 5.
I put them in place looking forward to step showing how to join.

Step 5 has been  attaching 12 creme hexagons around the flower shapes.

Then attaching round the centre piece.
Step 6 is this week but I need to go shopping!

Thankyou for visiting.
I will be posting again soon.
Happy Stitching,

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  1. Oh Clare,
    aren't these cute, love your hexie project.