Friday, 12 June 2015

Time to move `Flag` on

Hello my friends.
Sylvia of
is next in line 
for `Flag` 28th May post.
Sylvia I have sent you an email for your snail mail details,
so this can be sent to you.

`Christmas Bunting`
`H` for this month.
Lazy daisy  stitch, back stitch, straight stitch
and chain stitch used this time.

This why I am late with this post.
I was in  a New World Super market and slipped on a
bean that was on their shiny floor.
I  was taken to a medical centre A & E
by ambulance for treatment.
As I had landed on the side of my bottom  I was surprised
that I have a fine line break in my pelvis,
a damaged vertebrae in my back 
and and a cracked rib.
The medication is only just got on top of pain
with the help of a heat pack.
The crutch helps as well.
I am not to drive for 6 weeks :(

At least some of the day I can stitch :)
`Teddies at Play` 
block 2.
`School Girl Layne`.

Her teddy is so cute.
Thank you for visiting.
I am working the next teddy and applique of SAL.
I am looking forward to using my cutting board again
 as have projects to show.
Happy Stitching,


  1. Oh no, Clare, you poor thing. I hope that you recover quickly! And that the supermarket is taking full responsibility!

  2. Wow so lucky they picked up the hairline fracture.........hope everything heals well.........all very painful.............lots of rest with some stitching if you can manage mobile are you?

  3. Dear Clare,
    best wishes to you, may your fracture heal completly and quickly. I hope you are not in pain.
    Thank you again for the parcel and the opportunity to be a part in this swap.

  4. So sorry to hear about your accident, Clare. Hope you are feeling better soon! Lovely stitching, as always :)

  5. I hope you heal quickly! Hugs!

  6. I hope you heal quickly! Hugs!