Thursday, 25 September 2014

Tipsy Tree

Hello my friends it`s time for:

For September I have stitched 
`Tipsy Tree` by Charland Designs,Inc.
This pattern is in 2007
`Just Cross Stitch Christmas Ornaments` magazine.
I had this ear marked to do so thought this was the time.

A close up of stitching.
The star from my button jar with `Mill Hill` beads.

Some of my fabric from my Christmas stash
for the back.

Look what `Miss Tilly` is doing!


Max checking on what`s happening.

That didn`t stop her, dog tail must be taste good.

While Max is away the girls have taken over for the day.
If they laid an egg I do not know but Max could have had a snack
when returning.
Hope you enjoyed your visit.
Happy Stitching,


  1. Too Cute,,,,The girls look very comfortable in there x

  2. Ooh so cute. And those girls are tarts swapping beds like
    A very understanding dog by the look of it... :)

  3. Such a sweet such a sweet beautifully stitched ornament Clare...
    Poor Max , not only is the kitten harassing him the chooks have taken over his house......

  4. I love your little ornie! So cute and beautifully finished :)

  5. Hi Clare,sorry my computer froze,love your new ornamont