Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Not much for Feb

Hello my friends.
Nice to see a few new followers.
I hope you enjoy your visit with me.
This month has slipped by so quickly.

For some years now in February my birthday month 
I stitch a project for myself. This year is this lovely 
`Thimble Purse` by Brenda Gervais.
So cute. Plus it is my small for this month.

Last year Little House Needle works designed 
`Little Sheep Virtues`.
So now I have 12 little cushions with a flock of 17 sheep 
and 2 lambs.
My basket is full. 

Last Friday I went with a few of my friends to 
`Craft &Quilt Fair` in Palmerston North.
We had a lovely time looking and of course some shopping. 

This is my little spend up.
Some lovely things to work with.

Last week was Art Deco week in Napier
 so the steam train came through.
The train is bringing passengers for a sit down meal
 at our local small hotel.

The first and last carriages

This photo was in our local paper showing another part of the engine.
When they where heading off we could here the chuff chuff .

This old fire engine was giving people rides round the village.

Well time for me to go thankyou for your lovely comments on my last blogging.
Happy stitching,


  1. Love your little thimble purse. Beautiful!

  2. Your thimble purse is lovely! Love the sheep cushions.Happy Birth Month!

  3. I love the thimble purse! You did a wonderful job finishing it.

  4. Your thimble purse is so lovely.

  5. oh that purse is adorable! beautiful stitching and what an original way to make it up into something

  6. Hi Clare-I have one of those thimble purses in my stash and I love seeing one all finished. Very darling!

  7. Your thimble purse is just adorable, Clare.

    Take Care & Happy Stitchin'
    Hugs, Sandy

  8. Your thimble purse is lovely, congratulations

  9. Gorgeous stitching as always Clare, your work is beautiful. It sounds like you and the ladies had a lovely time and you have some great projects to work on over the coming months.