Saturday, 14 December 2013

So blessed.

Hello my friends.
The days are flying by, not long till Christmas.
I joined MagicXstitch Christmas Exchange 2013.
 My gift came from Mayte. Mayte blessed me with this:
`Needlework Purse`.
I feel so blessed. I love it.

The beautiful rose button to close,
but it also needs the cord tie to keep it together.

Once opened this is what I found:

I had a pair of scissors waiting for a home so

I tucked them into the pocket and tied them in.
Mayte sent a photo copy of things to place.

This little angel holds the needle pages in place.
Under the needle pages is a personal message to me
and on the base has Maytes handmade label.
Thankyou so much Mayte I had happy tears from receiving this lovely gift.
I hope my gift for my partner arrives at its new home soon.

This purse and key ring I made from Lynette Andersons  book
`Stitch it for Spring` as a birthday gift for our youngest daughter.

From `Friends` swap I used some of the  fabric to complete these.

Our eldest daughter had to wait for hers as I stored it away so carefully.
We gave her a cat calender and I made her a purse from 
Lynette Andersons book `It`s Quilting Cat`s and Dog`s`

A close up of the front of the purse. 
She has asked  for whiskers to be put on the cat.

Found this lovely cat fabric for the back
and the lining this lovely pin dot. I could not find a cat paw print.

Well I best sign off as the power keeps cutting out with the thunder storm we had earlier 
Happy Stitching,


  1. Oh he lovely, u wid have t be over the moon with this one. So exciting recieiving in the mail. Have a lovely christmas

  2. Love the needlework purse and your other finishes are beautiful. Hugs....

  3. You received some beautiful gifts and I know how gorgeous your gifts are.

  4. Lots of lovely items in your post Clare.
    Merry Christmas and all the best for 2014! :)

  5. Dear Clare, for my was a pleasure having you like my partner in the MCE 2013. Knowing that you liked the small Needlework Purse I made for you, is the best reward for me and fill my heart with happiness.

    Merry Christmas and wonderful 2014!

    Ps: I will following you blog to keep in touch :)

  6. Beautiful stitching and wonderful trades! Merry Christmas, Clare!

  7. Beautiful makes, I love the scissors! Lucky people getting your hand made gifts.

  8. beautiful items.xx