Sunday, 13 January 2013

A gift for a friend

Hello my friends.
Welcome to my part of the world. 
Stay for a little visit as I show what I made as a gift for my friend Gail (no blog) for her birthday  December 2012.

I stitched a `Dutch pin keep` by ``GPA`` a pattern from Italy that I brought recently.
I also made her the lovely block roll. I like to make these for my friends plus need to make a few more for myself.

A closeup of stitchery. 

And then progress.
Hubby finished his canoe that he designed and then made up.
With his fishing licence he went down to the river to use his new canoe.

He caught this trout. This was part of our meal that night.
 I have some more sewing to finish as well as some stitching to do so will show that in my next posting.
 We are having some really hot days here that without the fan going I feel I`m about to melt.
Happy Stitching,


  1. what a pretty gift Clare,well done.xx

  2. That's a great gift. Very pretty.
    Yummm....trout. Nothing beats the taste of freshly caught fish. And trout is one of my favorites.

  3. What a lovly birthday gift for your friend.
    What a lovely trout too. That canoe is pretty amazing.

  4. What a labour of love gift for your friend. I am loving some of the cross stitch designs Im seeing around lately.

  5. What a lovely gift for your friend.

    Congratulations to your husband on finishing his canoe