Sunday, 9 September 2012

A spring visitor

Hello my friends.
 We had a spring visitor come today. Isn`t he beautiful!

A Tui in our Kowhai tree that`s outside our bedroom window. He was busy having a meal of necter.

A start to my machine quilting of `Take Time to Smell the Flowers` charity quilt. I stitched in the ditch round the flower stitcheries. Tried free motion quilting,then had to reverse stitch that part. Thinking what to do next! Hope to complete it this week as want to quilt my SKofW quilt too. 

I`ve been getting `Homespun` magazine since the first one came out. Over the years have made some of the projects and ear marked a few for the to do list. Recently I  have started their SAL 2012 `Long Time Ago In Bethlehem` by Natashia Curtin designed. The first pattern is in `Homespun #110 (Vol 13.7) is called `Hello` with the animals and hens looking on. A little chick is tapping its mother as she looks like she`s sleeping. The other blocks are on  They started 18th July 2012,then every fortnight till 5th December2012. the other blocks that I have downloaded but not traced or even stitched yet are `Kitchen Sink Camel`,`Megaphone Angel` and `The Singing Praise Angel Band`. The fabric for my stitcheries is `Paint Box 2004/2005` by Thimbleberries. Looking forward to this Wednesday to see what one comes next.
Hope you are all having a lovely day like we have here.
Thankyou for visiting,come again soon.
Happy Stitching,


  1. Such a sweet visitor..enjoy quilting xxx

  2. We have a regular Tui visitor in our kowhai too and love it! Your projects are looking beautiful.

  3. A perfect combination I reckon - tui and kowhai!! Good luck with your quilting - and have fun with your new project!!

  4. That is a wonderful shot of the tui, I've tried to get some pics of them, but never got any that good! Don't they and the wood pigeons just love the kowhai...
    Have a lovely time quilting Clare.
    The new Homespun quilt is going to be a beautiful Christmas quilt.

  5. I agree it is a great shot of the tui..and hearing them does not always guarantee being able to see them..all the best with the quilting