Monday, 30 January 2012

More January stitching

A few years ago one of my sisters and I brought `A Gardeners Journal` book with kit of fabric and threads. These ended up in our cupboards,so this year we thought we would start them as our SAL.  First block in January. My sister doesn`t have a blog. Here is my block finished.

 Really pleased with the colours and the way my stitching is. Hope my sisters colours are just as nice.

This is progress on my Mystery Quilt from `The Country Yard` which I started last year.I`ve placed the blocks the way I think they will go. Nearing the end so should know layout soon. Have loved stitching with `Cottage Garden Threads` #801 Hyssop. Plus the fabrics just go so well.

Progress on `Margaret Cottam` is slow, as you can see I started 2011.This year I`ve stitched the tree and the mans boots.My friend Katrina helped me buy this through Anita.  Part 1 came early December which I imediately started,having to stop for my Christmas finishes. Part 2 arrived late December and part 3 (the final) came early this month. As I` m still working on part 1 the others are away in my wallunit waiting. As you can see I`ve stitched Maggy`s Key. Have only to put the loops on so can use symbals on this little needle cushion properly. I`ve enjoyed sitching and putting that together. It will go with my BBDs needle cushions when sampler finished. Will show progress as time goes on.

 Recently we went to see our youngest daughter and our two delightful grandchildren. Here they are enjoying there time with Gampop, plus Stella the kitten is in on the act too.There was giggles over that. Stella was so funny. Hubby was so pleased he had thick soxs on.
Well must away or my stitching will not get done before the night time chores need doing.
Thanks for your visit and you enjoyed my blog.
Happy Stitching, Clare.


  1. Hi again Clare! Your first Gardeners Journal block is gorgeous. Are those fabrics Garden Party? I think I spy some that are at least!
    I hope you've had a lovely afternoons stitching, shame that the chores don't do themselves isn't it!

  2. Your gardeners journal looks lovely Clare. Nice to see what you have been doing. Its fun catching up with the grand kids too.

  3. your GJ block look great...keep up the great stitching...........

  4. I like everything by Anni Downs and this block is very pretty.
    I love Margaret Cottam and hope to stitch it too before too long.

  5. Your Gardener's Journal start is lovely Clare - the colours are so pretty. Love the pinks and browns in your Mystery Quilt and Margaret Cottam is such a nice La D Da design.

  6. wow your gardener's journal start is super sweet..i love it so much..really so sweet..
    mystery quilt is so cute too..lovely colors..
    and your stitching is growing so lovely..i love this project so much..
    big hugs cucki xx

  7. Your stitching is wonderful Clare and I just love your Margaret Cottam!!

  8. Your are doing very well with your projects, they all look beautiful.

  9. Plenty on the go Clare! Like how you have put your mystery together :-) Love you GJ block, too!

  10. Your Gardener's Quilt looks lovely, Clare! Nice progress. Margaret Cottam looks great, too. I finally have my hexagons out again and started working a bit on them. I think I get the quilt-itch every year around this time!