Thursday, 10 November 2011


Hi everyone, it`s been a while. Hope to have regular postings from now on. Look who taken over my sewing basket.  Good thing that `Vignette` hexagon flower quilts well on the way.

Quite pleased with myself. Hubbys asking am I sick of making these. I`m not.

`My Lovely Sewing Tools` by Marie Suarez from `The Gift of Stitching` online magazine. This is the mystery sampler over six parts. This is part 1. I`m stitching with Kathy ( she is the organizer),Cucki and Joanne as a SAL.

I must`ve moved the camera, will give a better photo when my `Tilda Doll` is dressed. She`s lovely.
Quaker Bag

Panel 1
Panel 2

Panel 3

Pocket 1

Pocket 2

Pocket 3
This is my `Quaker Bag` a BOM from The Embroiderer. Sorry for pockets being this way couldn`t turn them. Pocket #3 has a little more stitching,ran out of thread. More coming.
Fabric: 32 count Creme Brulee Hand Dyed Linen.
       Threads:GA Old Red Paint,Maple Syrup, Old Purple Paint
                          Wood Rose, Crystal Lake, Lexington green,Endrive.
WDW L anchester Red

Hubby had a fortnights holiday so built this canoe that he designed. this a WIP for him. It`s sitting on the trailer he built  when the children where small.
Well till next time Happy Stitching,Clare.


  1. G'day Clare. Your stitching is just beautiful. I also love your gorgeous cat sitting in the basket. What a great photo. Take care. Liz...

  2. Hi Clare, It's great to see you here again! Your projects are all beautiful, so nice to see someone else has lots of things on the go at once.......... even your hubby has a WIP too, though not as many as you(or me!)

  3. Gorgeous projects Clare - love how your hexies are looking - I agree you don't get sick of making them at all. The stitching tools bom is lovely too - and I think I can guess what project is sitting at the back of the first photo - last years CY mystery stitchery!

  4. hello dear, your stitching is so beautiful i love it..mystery sampler of stitching tool is looking so lovely..well done..
    stunning hexies..i love them too..they are so beautiful..
    keep well for you hugs cucki xxx

  5. Oh my goodness, Clare, all of your projects are wonderful! I can't believe how far along you are on your hexies. Gorgeous! I am waaaay behind in emails but haven't forgotten you, will email soon!

    I love the canoe that your DH built. My dad built one by himself that we used to take to a local lake and use. Good memories. I often wondered how an only child raised in NYC learned wood working but it is definitely a talent.

  6. Everything looks wonderful Clare! I'm so jealous of your hexi quilt. I've made some petals, but haven't sewing them together yet. I love your Tilda doll too. A friend made one for me and I just treasure it so much. All your work is just lovely!

  7. Hi Clare, all your projects look beautiful! Your hexie quilt is lovely, you are making great progress. Love your Tilda doll, you have chosen some pretty fabrics. And all your stitcheries look gorgeous.

  8. So lovely to see your progress on the Sewing Tools sampler. I'm even enjoying stitching the border on this one!
    Your quilt are doll are lovely too.

  9. Welcome to the world of blogging!

    I have to say that I love the quilt you are piecing together. And your stitched panels look very nice. But above all, I love, LOVE the canoe!!!

    Thanks for sharing...

  10. Love your Tilda doll and your hexies and especially your Quaker bag - all very gorgeous