Tuesday, 27 September 2016

So Busy

Hello my friends,
I have been busy helping with our latest grandson.
His Mum and Dad have been here over two weeks
with him.
We have been getting up with night feeds as well.
I have been unwell as well over this last week.

Three pairs: Grandpop`s,Daddy`s & Ezekiels foot wear.

My first day home wearing a jacket made by my great grandmother .

Having a stretch.

Time with Daddy.
It has been quite full on for me,
but loving cuddles time.
No stitching time for me.
Happy Stitching for you all.

Thursday, 1 September 2016

Look who came early

Hello my friends,
Ezekiel was born  late last Sunday afternoon by C Section.
28th September .:)  
Three and a half weeks early!

He is in the baby unit while his Mummy is on the ward.
We had photos taken on my phone but have yet to learn to get them on
my computer  that`s why I`m writing this now.
Plus I have been so busy.
One of our daughters sent her`s to me and this is one of them.
Ezekiel weight was 7lb 3oz`s.
I haven`t been able to have a cuddle yet even though I`ve been up each day.
Time to have breakfast and get ready to go up again.
So Happy Stitching,