Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Stitching Complete

Hello my friends.
I am home for a short while, but leave again in the morning
to help my Mum now she is home from surgery for cancer
on her left wrist.
So time for a quick visit with me.
I have joined Chooky Blues SAL this year.
January is Anni Downs `Christmas Wishes`
I have completed the stitching and put the borders on as this is to be a cushion.

The colours I stitched with where:
Sampler Threads - Old Red Paint,
Cottage Garden Threads - Dandelion and High Country,
Aurifil - # 12 2260 and 
Weeks Dye Works - Blue Coat Red.

The peek a boo border shows off `High Country` thread.
Then the other borders bring it together.
When I come home I will attach the piping
and complete my cushion.

Once home I will finish my cushion and show how it came out.
Happy Stitching,

Saturday, 17 January 2015

Ran out of time

Hello my friends,
no posting as
I came down with a nasty stomach bug.
I ended up at the Drs for treatment before coming right.

These are so cute.
I love the red tones they have.
The first Friday of each month there is a family lunch.
I am driver for my Mum and a couple of her brothers.
Mum gave me these at Christmas as a `Thank you`.
My Mum has Cancer and she is to be operated on this coming
She found out early December 2014.
Hence I ran out of time to show these.
A quick post for me today and a busy week 
coming up.
By the way I joined up for Chookyblues SAL 2015.
More on that next time.
So bye for now.
Happy Stitching,

Thursday, 1 January 2015

Finished at last.

Happy New Year my friends.
So pleased that you could visit
 we have not visited since last year. :)

This is December 2014 s `Smalls`  project for me:
Just Nan `Christmas Workshop`
My friend Katrina was able to get this for us when it came out in 2007.
Two of my non blog friends started this with me in 2008.
We stitched one day a month,quite steady for awhile then
the time got further apart.
They had other plans but I didn`t want to get ahead of them
 and I had other projects to do!
But last year I decided was time to finish mine.
I am so pleased that I have.

Work Shop open. 
Just love it.

The needle pages like little trees. 

A scissor charm on the thread cutter pocket
where the `Clover` thread cutter is.

The Just Nan logo charm on the pocket
 for the `Clover` needle threader. 

In the kit was this lovely waxed star with 
the cute bee hive on the pocket.  

The pin cushion tree is decorated with gold beads
and silk ribbon. I have removed that loose thread.:) 

The base was stitched as well.

As you go round there are either red or blue dressed elves.
This will go into the Christmas box to come out 
with the other decorations.
Thankyou Heather for a lovely `Smalls` show and tell
during 2014. I look forward to being part of Smalls 2015.
Thankyou for visiting.
Happy Stitching,