Sunday, 29 December 2013

Christmas Time

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 
 my friends.
What a busy time with friends and family.
It has been a lovely time.
Also finishing stitching at the last minute.
Plus finding that I became unwell,I still have a sore throat and taking meds.
That slowed me down as I wanted to bless more but hasn`t happened.
So to what I did do and some of my gifts the came my way. 

I made these two for two of my friends Kath and Katrina.

This is what I gave katrina.
The lovely angel doll,a 12 days of Christmas Ornament with candy inside,
a block roll and Santa cork bottle stopper.

This is for Kath.
The lovely angel doll,a 12 days of Christmas Ornament with candy inside,
a block roll and snowman cork bottle stopper.
These are so cute. 

A beautiful doll from kath with the latest DMCs 
Kath has made her so lovely and will be out all year round.

Katrina gave me these lovely gifts.
`Piecemaker ` tapestry needles which I love to use,
`Count Your Blessings` a La-D-Da  pattern,
(some stitching for me)
a cute little angel and tissues.
A closeup of the ornament hanging on my tree.
These ornaments make a lovely display on the tree.

My SSCS Christmas gift came from Shez.
This lovely wallhanging.
Thankyou Shez it is lovely and hung already.

This is what I sent to Fiona for my gift for SSCS.
Thankyou to Chookyblue and Googy Girl for organizing this swap. 

Maria my partner for Celebration Swap for 2013
 gave me my Christmas gift wrapped in this lovely fabric.
I will use in one of my Christmas project which is yet to be decided.

I made this cushion cover for her saying 
`Celebrate love and giving`.
Fiona has put a cushion inner in and it looks lovely.

These two `Shepherd Bush` stockings I stitched for our grandchildren.
I finished them a few days before Christmas so they could hang them up.
I use the pattern `Peter` for the lamp,star/heart border
so used charms from my collection of charms as the main pattern is `Harry`.
We had to have the trains.
The other one was stitched from `Jillian`s stocking with its charm pack attached.

Well I best get on, till next time thankyou for the lovely comments
in friendship.
Happy Stitching,

Saturday, 14 December 2013

So blessed.

Hello my friends.
The days are flying by, not long till Christmas.
I joined MagicXstitch Christmas Exchange 2013.
 My gift came from Mayte. Mayte blessed me with this:
`Needlework Purse`.
I feel so blessed. I love it.

The beautiful rose button to close,
but it also needs the cord tie to keep it together.

Once opened this is what I found:

I had a pair of scissors waiting for a home so

I tucked them into the pocket and tied them in.
Mayte sent a photo copy of things to place.

This little angel holds the needle pages in place.
Under the needle pages is a personal message to me
and on the base has Maytes handmade label.
Thankyou so much Mayte I had happy tears from receiving this lovely gift.
I hope my gift for my partner arrives at its new home soon.

This purse and key ring I made from Lynette Andersons  book
`Stitch it for Spring` as a birthday gift for our youngest daughter.

From `Friends` swap I used some of the  fabric to complete these.

Our eldest daughter had to wait for hers as I stored it away so carefully.
We gave her a cat calender and I made her a purse from 
Lynette Andersons book `It`s Quilting Cat`s and Dog`s`

A close up of the front of the purse. 
She has asked  for whiskers to be put on the cat.

Found this lovely cat fabric for the back
and the lining this lovely pin dot. I could not find a cat paw print.

Well I best sign off as the power keeps cutting out with the thunder storm we had earlier 
Happy Stitching,

Monday, 2 December 2013


Hello my friends
December is here so today I show my SSCS Swap parcel that came in the post.

My parcel to be opened on Christmas day in the background.
Looking forward to opening that.
A lovely ornament to hang this week as I put up my Christmas display.
A beautiful Australian homemade card. 
My first card this year.

Thank you to my swap partner.
Hope to post again tomorrow as have more photos to take.
Happy Stitching,