Thursday, 10 November 2011


Hi everyone, it`s been a while. Hope to have regular postings from now on. Look who taken over my sewing basket.  Good thing that `Vignette` hexagon flower quilts well on the way.

Quite pleased with myself. Hubbys asking am I sick of making these. I`m not.

`My Lovely Sewing Tools` by Marie Suarez from `The Gift of Stitching` online magazine. This is the mystery sampler over six parts. This is part 1. I`m stitching with Kathy ( she is the organizer),Cucki and Joanne as a SAL.

I must`ve moved the camera, will give a better photo when my `Tilda Doll` is dressed. She`s lovely.
Quaker Bag

Panel 1
Panel 2

Panel 3

Pocket 1

Pocket 2

Pocket 3
This is my `Quaker Bag` a BOM from The Embroiderer. Sorry for pockets being this way couldn`t turn them. Pocket #3 has a little more stitching,ran out of thread. More coming.
Fabric: 32 count Creme Brulee Hand Dyed Linen.
       Threads:GA Old Red Paint,Maple Syrup, Old Purple Paint
                          Wood Rose, Crystal Lake, Lexington green,Endrive.
WDW L anchester Red

Hubby had a fortnights holiday so built this canoe that he designed. this a WIP for him. It`s sitting on the trailer he built  when the children where small.
Well till next time Happy Stitching,Clare.