Tuesday, 30 June 2015

This months border

Hello my friends.
Yesterday I was at last able to do this months border
on `Tuesdays Mystery`
for The Country Yard.
I am late but happy as can use my cutting board again.:)

I love how these cotton reels came together.
I used design of `Serenity` from E book that I won
`Little Gems`.

Two different colour ways,
with challenge fabric threaded through.

My Lori Holt books

Ready with a new design board to 
join in with others in this SAL.
I have been taking notes so hope to catch up soon.

Every day a few more chore are being able to be done by me.
Still needing pain relief at night and crutch at times during the day.
Time to go for now.
Happy Stitching,

Saturday, 27 June 2015

More Teddies and SAL

Hello my friends,
I`m pleased you have come for a visit with me.
I have had to go to Drs again for pain injection in my hip 
as bruising has gone to the bone,very painful.
Since that the use of the crutches  has still be needed but have had times
 when I can go with out for awhile.
Still on pain medication but not so much.:)

Blocks 3&4.
Dress up Ted `Flick` and Sling Shot Ted `Zane`.

`Flick` has found a lovely hat to go with her out fit.

A lovely evening bag 
with gold chain handle.

Little bird has come to join in with the fun.

`Zane` is looking to use his sling shot.
No wonder little bird has not turned up.

June`s SAL blocks complete.
I have applique colours to sort for next months part.

Thankyou for visiting with me today.
I have a few more projects to sort
 as have had to have on hold while recovering.
I have started again with those 
but thankful that I have been able to sit and stitch.
Happy Stitching,

Friday, 12 June 2015

Time to move `Flag` on

Hello my friends.
Sylvia of
is next in line 
for `Flag` 28th May post.
Sylvia I have sent you an email for your snail mail details,
so this can be sent to you.

`Christmas Bunting`
`H` for this month.
Lazy daisy  stitch, back stitch, straight stitch
and chain stitch used this time.

This why I am late with this post.
I was in  a New World Super market and slipped on a
bean that was on their shiny floor.
I  was taken to a medical centre A & E
by ambulance for treatment.
As I had landed on the side of my bottom  I was surprised
that I have a fine line break in my pelvis,
a damaged vertebrae in my back 
and and a cracked rib.
The medication is only just got on top of pain
with the help of a heat pack.
The crutch helps as well.
I am not to drive for 6 weeks :(

At least some of the day I can stitch :)
`Teddies at Play` 
block 2.
`School Girl Layne`.

Her teddy is so cute.
Thank you for visiting.
I am working the next teddy and applique of SAL.
I am looking forward to using my cutting board again
 as have projects to show.
Happy Stitching,

Sunday, 31 May 2015

Party Stitching

Hello my friends.
Over the last few days I have stitched
`Teddies At Play`
block one:
`Fishing Teddy` 

Love these felt flowers,
showing the stitching  of the `Cottage Garden Threads` 
and DMC threads off.

And the cute little bird.

I started this BOM at long last for 
Chooky`s  Stitching Party this weekend.
Are you taking part?

 Miss Tilly chilling out. :)
Time to get back to stitching
block two:
`School Girl Lane`.
Hope you are enjoying your weekend.
Happy Stitching,

Thursday, 28 May 2015


Hello my friends.
In December last year I was the winner of 
pattern and parcels from Kathy`s blog
http://kathyssitandstitch.blogspot.co .
So by the time the parcel arrived in the post it was January!
I thought that I had taken a photo!
I had a few things on the go so took awhile to sort and 
stitch this .
The pattern was in this lovely zipper pocket. 

I`m sorry for the photo,
but this stand alone is complete.
Ready to send to a very special friend.

Kathy put this `Flag` fabric in with parcel.
My parcels are slightly different but go with each letter.

Now this is ready to pass on.
Who will be next!

As you can see there is four parcels
plus the pattern.
Part of agreeing to accept 
you must agree to pass the pattern on with gifts
for each letter of 
F, L ,A  and G.
If you are interested in being next in line 
please leave a comment on this post
(with a way of contacting you)
and a name will be drawn on the 
7th June. 
Happy Stitching,

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Tuesday Mystery

Hello my friends.
With having my operation I haven`t showed my 
`Tuesday Mystery`
`The Country Yard`.
Every 2nd Tuesday of the month
 we email our progress to get the next part
With part 1 instructions we were given a piece of fabric
 to include in each part:

I choose this cat from 
`Kitty Capers` by Carol Armstrong for my centre.
In this block I used the fabric in one of the cotton reels.
The background is pieced.

In this border the fabric is shown much better of the tape measure print.
I have used pieces from the centre into the border.
The next part is waiting for me to start on this.
I will show my progress each time.
Till next time,
Happy Stitching.

Friday, 15 May 2015

Banner and other happenings

Hello my friends.
Time for a visit with me.
My letter for bunting this month is

I was in hospital overnight for my shoulder operation.
Because the two tears in shoulder had started to heal
the surgeon was able to do key hole surgery.
I only had five stitches to be removed
and now they are out the cuts don`t show that much. :)
I am having physio once a week with homework to do three times a day.
I am pain free most of the time within movements that I am allowed to make.
I see the surgeon on the 2nd of June.

Before my operation I cut out my blocks for
Chookblues SAL `Natures Journey` by Anni Downs.
Then this month was only applique and buttonhole edging.
The blocks for May complete.

More to show soon.
Hope you enjoyed your short visit.
Happy Stitching,