Monday, 8 February 2016

Alphabet projects

Hello my friends,
February already started, this week has gone by so fast.
 Usually I have a kit sorted for my birthday month!
This year I will carry on with my SAL`s 
and try finishing a few quilts etc.
 Ele`s SAL part 2.
Ready to start part 3.

Drawn Thread `Sampler of Stitches`
Part 1,first page completed.

Part 2, D, E, F.
`D` stitched and dragonfly attached.

Pages 1 & 2 side by side.

I am enjoying both these projects.
Thankyou for visiting.
Happy Stitching,

Sunday, 31 January 2016

Stitching in January

Hello my friends.
Some more of my stitching this month.
A freebie from Gitta .
I`ve had this a while waiting to be stitched.
`Singing Reindeer` 
for Christmas Ornie blog.

A little bell added.

I`ve joined in with Ele`s  
`My ABC`

Framing square for part 2.

Nearly finished  part 1 of 
Drawn Thread
`Sampler of Stitches BOM. 

January`s block for my $25 quilt by

I have completed a few others but forgot to take photos.
There are two quilts nearly completed.
I will show them next time .
Happy Stitching,

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Temporary Sewing Space

Hello my friends.
This is my 150th post.
I moved a dressing table to where I sew.
This is `Temporary`!!!

At least the new carpet is wall to wall
and I love the softness under my feet.
One more room to go and that is complete.

I joined a BOM for 
`The Drawn Thread  Sampler of Stitches`
The Embroiderer  has put this together as 
a `Book of Sampler Stitches`.
First part has mainly DMC`s  to keep the cost down.
Soie Perlee as pattern 
Dentelle 80 ecru and 413 Madeira Metallic replacement threads.

This is how far I have progressed with
packing things up to lay carpet and other projects.:)
I like having lot`s to do :):)
Well best get on.
Happy Stitching,

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Sister`s Swap

Hello my friends,
2016 has already started as you know 
so I`m a few days late in posting this.
One of my sisters (no blog) and I decided last year to 
swap gifts using the word
A gift for each letter.
Lots of photos to show.
This is what I sent her but arrived late.:(
Christmas fat 1/4.

Holly in a `Joy` banner.
( I had removed my Angel ornaments for
wallunit was to be remove for carpet to go down)

Reindeer ornament.

Inspiration for stitching with
`Just Cross Stitch Christmas Ornament` magazine. 

I love making these `Santa`s`.

A decorative soap tree.

Pretty mug in a lovely box.

Angel ornament.

Chocolate Star.

This is what my sister sent me.
The parcel arrived well in time for Christmas.:)
Cats - note books and an ornament pattern
with button of Lynette Andersons.


Ribbons on a card.

`In Stitches` pattern.


Tape measure.

A metre of fabric.
We thought a lovely knitting bag.
Have yet to find a pattern.

Advent Calendar.

Something sweet.

So that was our lovely swap.
I really enjoyed sorting this out.
We are working out what to do this year!
Thank you for visiting.
Happy Stitching,

Thursday, 31 December 2015

December Ornament 2015

Hello my friends.
I hope you enjoyed Christmas time with friends and family.

This ornament came from a 
`Just Cross Stitch Ornament`
I have mislaid it with packing to lay carpet but once found
will edit this post to add info.
Happy Stitching,

Friday, 25 December 2015

Happy Christmas and SSCS

Happy Christmas my friends.

Thankyou Chookyblue and her helper Janice for
sorting out this swap for us all.
Susan @ Thimblestitch sent me these lovely gifts.

Inside a Christmas box:
( I love having boxes and tins:) )
a lovely pincushion with delicate quilting,
a little bag to hold threads cut from stitching,
a cute holder with needles an thread inside,
two dove buttons and
a chocolate Christmas tree.
This is yet to be eaten!

This was in our Church service handout.

The last few weeks have been packing up my sewing area.
This was so we could lay new carpet in our lounge.
A busy time with Christmas gifts to finish !!!
But we got there.

I have had the use of this space for at least 26 years.
So has been a sad time to see it go.

Hubby taking it apart.

The template of where my sewing area was.

New carpet down,so soft under foot.
It is cut pile showing tone on tone.
In the New Year the wallpaper will be done.
Then some portable units for a temporary
sewing area once Christmas tree is put away.

Well enjoy your Christmas.
I will post about my other gifts soon.
Hope you have time for some stitching,

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Santa`s Sleigh came by

Hello my friends.
Santa`s Sleigh came by today.

My parcel from my SSCS partner was delivered to me today.
I pray my parcel has reached its new home too!!

Two parcels,one for Christmas Day and the other
to open now with ornament for the tree.
Our tree isn`t up yet as the new lounge carpet is yet to be 
put down.
So will put parcel where it`s safe for now. 

Cute ribbon round the parcels.
Will use in a project at a later date.
Love the tiny stitches on this ornament.
A surprise a lovely kit.
`Festive Snippets` 
by `The Birdhouse`.
So enjoy Natalie`s designs.

The back of the kit showing fabrics and threads.

What fun.
Happy Stitching,