Saturday, 18 April 2015

Three `R`s

Hello my friends.
Time for a belated visit.
Today I will show the three `R`s
from Rosalie Quinlan`s `Merry Bunting`.
I stitched these three at the beginning of the month.
This is my first chance to show you.

There are two of these Elves.

And one of Rudolph.

Hence the `Three `R`s.

The word `Merry` complete ready to make 
bunting when word `Christmas` 
at the same stage.
My bunting stitching done for April.
Thankyou for visiting.
Happy Stitching,

Friday, 20 March 2015

Busy time.

Hello my friends,
I have been busy not only stitching,
some secret so can not show yet.
But bottling as well,
This is the start:

Peaches. these are white flesh.
I have at least 30 jars of these.
I have also made pickle and tomato soup.
Next is the Golden Queen peaches but not quite ripe yet.
I hope the sheep don`t get there before us!

My bunting progress.
Three `R`s this month. Two of this Elf.

One reindeer.

The three together.

Chookyblues SAL for March.
I`ve added a few more fabrics.
Well time to go for today.
Happy Stitching,

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

A different direction

Hello my friends,
time for a visit like this tiny hedge-hog.

A closeup then out in the garden he went.

I was unwell a few days last week so no post.
My Wednesday stitching was only small.
Hopefully I get more progress tonight.

`Natures Journey` SAL part one.
I have worked out most of my colours now
and pleased with the first blocks.

For more of my post on this follow the SAL blog
down my side bar.
Thankyou for visiting.
Happy Stitching,

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Wednesday night Stitching

Hello my friends.
Last night I stitched my
`Quaker Christmas 11`.
I was up till midnight but pleased with my progress. 

For the month of February the letter
of the Christmas bunting.

Because I am working on lots this month I
thought this doll would be my `Birthday Month `
I brought the kit and will post about her again at the end of the month.

The fabric in the background is part of
`Natures Journey` SAL.
I have a little more to complete on this plus
a few more fabrics to add.
I will be ready to show next week.
Hubby`s car windows where down so
Miss Tilly thought she would climb in.
I do not think she was wanting a ride!

Thank you for taking time to visit.
Happy Stitching,

Thursday, 5 February 2015


Hello my friends.
As my younger sister is caring for our Mum 
this weekend I have time for a visit with you.
I finished my `Christmas Wishes` cushion.

So pleased with this and have put it away 
with my other Christmas decorations.

Fabrics nearly sorted to start `Nature`s Journey` SAL.

I have been waiting on my Sampler Threads.
They came a few days ago so made a start last night.
`Quaker Christmas 11
Songs of the Season`
Using suggested threads
Sampler Thread : Currant and Blue Spruce.
This will be my Wednesday night stitching from now on.

One of my sisters and I are stitching 
Rosaline Quinlan`s `Christmas Bunting` a letter each month.
They are on pre-printed linen.
This is the first chance that I`ve had to show January`s
letter `M` two of these. I have one `E` this month.
I am using DMC 815.
More progress on this later in the month.
Look where `Miss Tilly` climbed too!

Miis Tilly is this a drink?

No play time.

Well time to go.
Thankyou for visiting.
Happy Stitching,

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Stitching Complete

Hello my friends.
I am home for a short while, but leave again in the morning
to help my Mum now she is home from surgery for cancer
on her left wrist.
So time for a quick visit with me.
I have joined Chooky Blues SAL this year.
January is Anni Downs `Christmas Wishes`
I have completed the stitching and put the borders on as this is to be a cushion.

The colours I stitched with where:
Sampler Threads - Old Red Paint,
Cottage Garden Threads - Dandelion and High Country,
Aurifil - # 12 2260 and 
Weeks Dye Works - Blue Coat Red.

The peek a boo border shows off `High Country` thread.
Then the other borders bring it together.
When I come home I will attach the piping
and complete my cushion.

Once home I will finish my cushion and show how it came out.
Happy Stitching,

Saturday, 17 January 2015

Ran out of time

Hello my friends,
no posting as
I came down with a nasty stomach bug.
I ended up at the Drs for treatment before coming right.

These are so cute.
I love the red tones they have.
The first Friday of each month there is a family lunch.
I am driver for my Mum and a couple of her brothers.
Mum gave me these at Christmas as a `Thank you`.
My Mum has Cancer and she is to be operated on this coming
She found out early December 2014.
Hence I ran out of time to show these.
A quick post for me today and a busy week 
coming up.
By the way I joined up for Chookyblues SAL 2015.
More on that next time.
So bye for now.
Happy Stitching,