Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Snow on the ground.

Hello my friends.
I have ordered floss and linen for 
`Tis the Season`.
Waiting for postie to bring those.:)
This is BBD which starts beginning of September
as a SAL. 
While waiting I saw this SAL for 
`Peace On Earth`
By Cottage Garden Samplings.
Which started the 12th August.
Hence `Snow on the ground`

I have some of the suggested threads but the rest
and my fabric are out of my stash.
The snow I stitched in DMC floss.

Progress on `Feliz Navidad by BBD`s.
Using suggested threads.

The latest Mystery from 
The Country Yard.
`Winter Charm` a pieced mystery.
The fabric`s are beautiful.
Well back to finishing this month`s 
`Whimsical Woodland`,
which I will post about once done.
Happy Stitching,

Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Catch up time.

Hello my friends.
Over the last month I have been on high medication,
as I have not been well.
Then this I have the flu.
Before  getting ill I stitched on 40 count,
replacing CC Chili Pepper (too orange for me) 
with ST Mulberry.
Also to show up on linen I stitched aprons with
Eggshell rather than WDW  Light Khaki
`Mice in the Sewing Room` by Brenda Gervais.
I saw on someone else`s blog this way of finishing but can`t
remember where!!
I made the tassel for these scissors years ago for my Mum.
They came back to me.
A nice place to store them.

The tapemeasure at the bottom of the design.

July block of this $25 quilt.
I enjoyed using my Omnigrid marking ruler for all those triangles.
That was a good buy.

Block 5 of  `Whimsical Woodland Mystery`
from The Country Yard.

I was sorting through my projects and found my
`Sewing Studio` WIP but only two threads.
Not sure where I put the others.
I am trying to organise things better than I have to stop being
caught like this but this one missed out.
Will hunt around to see if can find them!!
Well best get on.
Happy Stitching,

Sunday, 17 June 2018


Hello my friends,
I have made progress on some things.
The Country Yard`s mystery
`Whimsical Woodland`.
Block 4.

Framing blocks 1,



My stitching rods came.
They have velcro for attaching which my others don`t.
We brought tape to staple on as seems to be firmer.
Plus easy for use later.
Hubby is going to extend my lap frame to attach for easier stitching.
Progress has gone on this too but will show more once on frame. :)

One of my sisters had a speacial birthday this year 
so made a bag from Lynette Anderson`s book 
`It`s Quilting Cat`s and Dog`s`.
I put a pocket at the front under the wavy edge and some inside,
one with a zip.
I used Lynette`s design of owl from her book
`Stitch It For Spring` as suited fabric the best.
Then a project bag with a pattern and two packets of EPP
hexagon`s that she was wanting. 

Well best get on as stitching other things as surprises but
seem to be slow on these.
Happy Stitching,

Tuesday, 5 June 2018

From Saturday to Monday.

Hello my friends,
I did have a lovely time sewing and a little stitching.
The third extra block.

All the blocks together

Centre of quilt pieced together.

This is the border fabric but needed to measure as pattern says 6"
borders but it is 8" for pattern repeat. So need to see if
have enough to do this. I did buy extra for binding.
Hope I have enough and use a different piece for binding.

I started back on this BBD .  
`For the Bird`s # 3`

My sleepy helper on Sunday.
Tillie likes the padded seats.

I was hoping to get quilt ready for quilting but I`d rather 
think on it before cutting.
Happy Stitching,

Sunday, 3 June 2018

Yesterday`s blocks.

Hello my friends,
these are the blocks finished last night.

Now back to cutting out and sewing the third extra block.
These are for a $25 quilt of nine blocks made sometime ago.
Because of the layout of finished quilt top I needed to make 
the extra for twelve blocks in the quilt.

While moving furniture around Tillie and Peanut
joined in.

The last of part 3 of 
Circle of Friend`s kit`s by
The silver Needle.
This time the gifts where a delightful glass cleaning cloth
with design of pattern on it.
Plus this adorable basket to store pincushion`s in.

A cute little bird sitting off one side.
Happy Stitching,

Saturday, 2 June 2018

Stitching with Chookyblue`s Shed Party.

Hello my friends.
Today I was going to join online with 
Chookyblue`s Shed Party.
I pulled out one of my past projects,a WIP
to try and finish the top and maybe ready for quilting.
My start on a few of the extra blocks.

I will go back a few days to our  38th Wedding Anniversaries.
Hubby and I where going out for tea but left early enough to drop in at a shop 
looking for draws to extend my sewing space.

But we saw this lovely dining set.
It extends out so we can have the family of twelve round it this Christmas.
Now our one we have had for over 30 years is on the trailer,
ready to deliver to our youngest daughter
as she didn`t have one.

Now I`m home I`m back sewing but took time out for this post.
Happy Stitching,

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Tote & Gloat

Hello my friends.
A couple of weekends ago my eldest daughter
and I joined in with a bus load of ladies to go to 
Palmerston North for 
Tote & Gloat.
To see quilts,shopping at stalls, hear and meet the quest speaker
Lynette Anderson.
Part of this was to make a block unfinished 12 1/2.
Theme `Transport`.
 As Lynette Anderson was the quest speaker mine was
from her book
`It`s Quilting Cats & Dogs`.
`Photo Album`block.

A close up of dog and cat.

Also the bird in it`s cage on top of car.

This my daughters block.
A Bee Tree design.

She buttonholed the shapes on by hand.

And the embroidery was hand stitched too.

I didn`t get photos of the other blocks. 
All up for this there where 38 blocks.
Our bus left at 4pm so wasn`t there at the finish.
A bit sad about that. 
There where over 500 tickets sold to attend.
A few of the quilts on display.

I did get to meet with Lynette Anderson but forgot 
to get a photo. I was pleased to give here a block roll.

A little more on sampler,watching post for rods to come.

A little start on this one.
I used a wet tea bag to sponge colour to match design.
Using called for threads.

These where delivered to me yesterday.
From a sister-in-law in regards to Mum`s passing.
It has been three months.
Well best get on.
Happy Stitching,