Monday, 31 August 2015

A Mystery SAL

Hello my friends.
I do love to join in with a mystery.
I have my ones from 
`The Country Yard`.
They are works in progress!
Still waiting to be shown,but that will come.
Could not help myself with this EEP,
with Sue Daley.

Delbrook in Hastings had this layer cake of
`Forget Me Not` 
Sue Daley`s  latest fabric range.
 I usually use `French General` fabrics,
they are a favourite of mine.
This will be a change.
I did buy extra fabric as well.
They are 1" hexagons and I do like Sue`s papers 
when using a glue pen.

Part 1 was now started.

Part 2 is complete.
Part 3 is nearly there but forgot to take progress photo.
Next time for that plus by then I will know the next stage.

This is how I gathered the ribbon for my 
Shepherds Bush
`Goodness and Grace` pincushion.

This pincushion is complete.
 I used wool to full it so pins would not rust 
and to keep them sharp. 
Love this delightful pincushion.
It is part of their `Fold` series.
Looking forward to the last piece 
 of stitching when that comes.
Happy Stitching,

Sunday, 30 August 2015

Spring time and stitching

Hello my friends.
Spring blossoms opening in one of the
Apricot trees.

This showing two of the four Tui`s visiting us.

This month for 
`Christmas Ornie SAL 2015`
I stitched 
`Santa`s Helper`
from Just Cross Stitch Christmas Ornaments 2012.
The rope has been plaited and I ruffled the ribbon for edging. 

The other Santa 
`Button Santa` 
from Better Homes and Gardens
Cross Stitch Christmas 2000.
Placing buttons from my stash as suggested.
I made this as a stand alone,
using gold Ric-rac to complete finish.

These are now in my Christmas box
waiting to be used in December.
Happy Stitching,

Saturday, 22 August 2015

August : border & a letter.

Hello my friends.
Time for a short visit
to show part 7 of 
`Natures Journey` SAL
with Chooky Blue and Susan.
First border and Diamond Applique.

The letter this month for `Bunting` is

This month I had two to stitch.

This short visit has been lovely .
Please come again.
Welcome to my new friends.
I do try to get to know you
 even if it is a quick visit to your blogs.
Happy Stitching,

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Christmas ornaments and other works

Hello my friends.
Today is a good day for a visit as the weather outside
has turned quite cold and showery.
Nice to be inside by a cozy fire.
I have joined Kaye`s 
Christmas Ornament SAL.
This month is Santa`s.

I made a start on `Santa`s Helper` 
by Mosey `N Me in 
Just Cross Stitch Christmas Ornaments 2012.

I stitched a little more but I`m waiting on thread.
Hope this comes soon. 
I also kitted Primitive Button Santa 
from Better Homes and Gardens
Cross Stitch Christmas 2000.

While looking for some of the threads,
 Miss Tillie thought she could help.

I have joined in with Delbrooks 
$25 quilt.
As long as finished blocks are shown on set week of the month
the next block is given.
This is over 9 months.
There where three choices.
This is `Pretty`.
My block complete.

Thank you for visiting.
I am going to get my cutting board out for two tops that are 
next to do.
Plus stoke the fire as have clothes drying.
Happy Stitching,

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Personal Delivery

Hello my friends,
On the 21st July was my 
`Travel Pattern` posting.
Kath left a comment to be the next Stitcher
of the `Travel Pattern` 

Since Kath did not live that far from me 
I made it `Personal Delivery`.
We get together when we can to stitch together.
Sometimes there are other friends as well.

Passing of pattern.
Hubby took the photo!

Ran a bath for me the other day and before
even turning the taps off 
Miss Tillie climbed in to check it out and have a drink.
Once she climbed out I pulled the plug,
re run another.
Well I will show stitching progress next time.
Thank you for visiting.
Happy Stitching,

Saturday, 25 July 2015

Keeping up

Hello my friends,
I am so pleased that with the way my health has been lately
I am keeping up with SAL.
Some of my other projects are behind but hope to sort that soon.
I cut these background pieces and put together
before my shoulder operation,
ready to put applique on.

I took some time looking through my fabric for this 
and added another for basket.
Then I fussy cut from some others.
I am quite pleased how this came together.

A close up of a few:
The butterfly using same wing fabric as before.

Lady bird in different fabric.

A dragon-fly showing off her colours.

The birds remind me of Fantails that fly around here.

The centre complete with peek a boo frame.

I am looking at fabrics for next border.
Thank you for visiting.
Happy Stitching,

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Travel Pattern.

Hello my friends.
I have been unwell with Bronchitis,
another visit to Dr and Xray  to see
that it was slowly going.
More medication!
Now I was the 45th to stitch this pattern.
If you would like to be the next
(as it is ready to post)
please leave me a comment to say so with a way to contact you. 
I will pick a name and contact that person for postal address
and then send along.

I enjoyed making mine into a `stand alone`.
I used 40ct linen from out of my cupboard.
The label has gone for this.
I used  Sampler Threads:
`Desert Mesquite` for the vine rather than `Pine`,
`Vintage Lace` for flowers as `Harvest Basket` didn`t show on linen. 
The wording is `Clay Pot` instead of `Grape Arbor`.
The Ric -Rac is herringbone stitched in place. 

This months letter for Bunting is 
and a little cute reindeer.  

Kissing Teddies this time.

Miss Tillie with her feet up fast asleep.

My sewing machine has been away for a few days as I missed a pin!!!
She went well out of aliment.
I`m packing her up to go here. Hubby dropped her off on his way to work.
Now she`s home I hope to feel well enough to work with her.
Well this will do me today but hope to post again near the end of the week.
Happy Stitching,