Thursday, 28 February 2013

Last Day of Feb

Hello my friends. 
Thank you for your visit. Love having you here.

I joined `Let`s Celebrate Swap` with Mrs Martin  this year. 
Birthdays are celebrated and mine is this month. 
My swap partner Maria -life on the block is my partner. 
It will be lovely getting to know her this year.
Maria sent this lovely parcel for me.

Beautifully wrapped in this lovely fat 1/4.
A lovely card with stitchery pattern and fabric to stitch it on.
Thank you Maria.
 I have a few ideas on what I`d like to make my fat 1/4 into.

February is my birthday month.
Family and friends helped me celebrate this with gifts,cards,phone calls and texts.

I`ve taken this photo of some of my gifts.
I  have received more taking photo. 
I will show my gifts at another post as it`s quite late now.

I was stitching so nicely and my needle roll was nearing finishing.
Then a little frog came for a visit and reverse stitching was needed before I 
could carry on :(
So close to my dead line.
Once frog went away I moved further on.
I`m thinking of using fabric from my `Thimbleberries` collection to make this up.

Thank you for your visit.
I`m of to stitch some more before I head to my bed.
Happy Stitching,

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Stitching in my birthday month

Hello my friends. 
It`s nice to be chatting with you again,
so glad you could have a short visit with me.
This is my finished bag from `Red Home` book by Natalie Bird.
 February`s project for Chookyblues SAL. 
As you can see I`ve had more than one project on the go.

February is my birthday month and I try to make a project by starting at the begining
  of the month. To be finished either before or on my birthday. 
This is so close to the end of the month that it usually gives me time.
This year I was nearly a week into February before my Crescent Color threads came. 
I had decided to make `Flowers for Sarah Needle case` from BBDs `Thank you Sarah Tobias` book.
Once the threads came I went will this project. I`m so pleased I did.
  I`m using suggested threads and linen.

I have enjoyed stitching this. After a week this was my progress.

Today I`m this far along.
  I`m nearly finished this part and as picture on book cover you can see one more part to go.
I will show my progress again soon and tell you if I meet my deadline for this.
I was going to stitch the kitty cat `Too Pooped` but realized a month wasn`t
 enough time to complete him as the colours are so close in some places 
that I need a fine day to stitch. So this is a WIP. I will show progress during the year.
Thank you for a lovely visit and I love the comments I get as I truely  feel you did visit with me.
Happy Stitching,

Thursday, 14 February 2013


Hello my friends, I hope you are enjoying 
Valentines Day.

A surprise posy from my Hubby.
Flowers from our garden.
I joined Cheryl`s Initial Valentines Swap of gone stitching blogspot .
I stitched Janice Woods Quaker Motifs  Freebie heart pattern.
Using DMC v115 .
Then using a motif heart and Michell   @
initial I complete this side.

As you can see I added heart sweets and a heart shape tin of full of sweets too.
This is the other side.
I made it into a needle booklet.

This is the thread holders and felt needle pages.

My lovely surprise from Helen @ 
A lovely initial heart,an amazing mug mat (love the entwining hearts) and 
a selection of chocolate kisses. Yum.
Thankyou Helen for the lovely gifts and it was lovely having a chat to you.

She has stitched this so beautifully and I now have it hanging off one of the little draws on my treasured wall unit.
Thankyou Cheryl for hosting such a lovely swap.
Well hope you are all having a lovely day.
Thank you for visiting .
Happy Stitching,

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

A surprise in the post

Welcome my friends.
Stop for a short visit with me.
Today is Waitangi Day or New Zealand day.
For most of us it is a holiday.
On Monday I found lovely mail in my mail box.
Illene from retdairyqueen.blogspot had a giveaway. I wrote my comment .
I won one of the two giveaways.
`Too Pooped`.
Thankyou Illene for your giveaway I will be stitching this soon.

This little kit came with 14ct Aida.
 I love stitching on 28ct  so cut a piece for me to stitch `Too Pooped` 
 from my linen in the cupboard.
I will give my YD the Adia for her stitching.

I had another project to stitch this month
 for my ` Birthday Month`but since the threads have not come yet 
 I think `Too Pooped` is taking it`s place.

Above is my progress on `Mystery Sampler`.
For some reason photos not true to colours.
Hopefully next time they will be.
I`m using `Silk n Colors` Dickens Christmas`
Needle Necessities 142 (green)
DMCs 936,834,3828,3834 and Perle12 #712.
This Sampler is designed by `Elizabeth Darrah 
donated to the `Northern North Island Region as 
a progressive sampler from 1st Nov 2012-1st April 2013.
Thankyou for visiting and I love the comment I get from my blog.
Happy Stitching,