Wednesday, 28 November 2012

`Thimbleberries` time again and mail

Hello my friends.
Another `Thimbleberries block` only the applique to do. May get it done tonight depends how I go on other stitching.

Really pleased with progress made on this quilt. Even if I can only work on this a short time today. Next month will be piecing top together. That will be Boxing Day!

Yesterdays mail in our letter box.

This is what was insde my parcel from my SSCS partner Illene 

Thankyou Illene, my first Christmas gifts for under the tree this year. I promise I won`t peek. also thankyou Chookblue. I`ve enjoyed this journey, only waiting to see my parcel to arrive at it new home. 

Today another parcel in our box. This time my `Summer Swap came.

Look all for me.Wow! So lovely with a friendship note too.

A rose button on a lovely pincushion.

A cute pattern of one of my favourite designers and a hoop.

`Thimbleberries` fabric. I`m thinking what`s in my `Thimbleberries box to go with these and what I`d love to make.
Thankyou Donna of  
 Cheryll  I also thankyou for organising this for us
I pray that my Summer Swap arrives at it`s new home soon too.
I`ve had a lovely few days lately with a stitching day at Katrinas with  Kath there as well.
Well best get back to some stitching before bed.
Happy stitching,

Monday, 26 November 2012

More posting

Hello my friends.
Please take time out from your stitching to sit a while .
 I would like to say a Thankyou for the lovely comments. They can brighten my day.
I`ve posted more mail but was so busy forgot to take a photo of my `Summer Swap` . Here`s a little peek. Found this cute sandal charm.

Also I didn`t get a parcel photo of my `Christmas swap with Lainey. Silly me. At least I did take photos of gifts to show once they have been recieved.
 Our loveable cat decided this dolls cot was the right place to sleep.
It was our YDs when she was two. I`m going to fix it up with a little quilt for our grand-daughters Christmas gift.

Well best get back to stitching or I won`t get my last swap posted in the next day or two.
Thankyou for your visit,till next time.
Happy Stitching,

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Parcel Posted

Well hello my friends in blogging land.
 My SSCS was posted yesterday the 19th Nov. Now I will be wondering how long airmail posting takes for my partner to recieve my speacial gifts to her.

I think they will be well recieved. When all my stitching for Christmas gifts is done I must make these for me. I was delighted how they turned out with some very important suggestions from DH and YD.

I posted it in a box like this as didn`t  want them crushed!

I added her name to labels after this picture was taken,so there would be no peeking! Feel blessed to give surprises and thankyou Chookblue for the opportunity to do so.

While I was out yesterday I was able to pick up my Homespun magazine.
 I so enjoy this magazine and one of my gifts came from an previous magazine. I have on my list to do projects from two designers `Lynette Anderson` and `Lenna Green` plus a new designer from my country New Zealand `Karen Davis` from this current magazine. Will look in my stash as I finish Christmas gifts to put aside to do these at a later date.
Well must get back to my stitching to get another parcel ready to send!
Thankyou for your visit till next time,
Happy Stitching,

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Stitching along

Hello everyone.
 November here already! Most of us are stitching things for Christmas but mustn`t show. Hopefully some lovely surprises coming.
Hubbys wondering if our dinning table is to be seen ever again!
 You know the saying: `stitching forever house work whenever`.
Not quite like that but you get the idea.

Our one and only cat thinks there`s something for him, funny.

I`ve stitched this using Cottage Garden thread 503 Snapdragon. Have yet to decide my finishing for this and then parcel up.
Time to go.
Happy stitching,