Saturday, 30 June 2012

End of June already

Hello everyone. We have had some cold days but with winter here that`s why it is lovely to sit in front of the fire and stitch.

Look what I`ve got. A friends Mum went into a home so she passed a box of things to me and this wasone of the items in it. Hubby not too sure of it. It`s a paper clip. I love it. Really antique looking.

Sorry but this photo is on it`s side I did try to turn it.Wasn`t happening! This is `Gentle Stitches` by Shakespear Peddler in with `A Stitchers Heart` by Little House Needleworks. I`m stitching the heart now.
I used satin stitch for the thread on the spool,double cross stitch on the lettering and beads for the centres of the flowers.Now to make up for display and maybe useable as well. Have some thoughts on that.
Well this has taken some time today so best get the dry washing in and then some stitching done before the next meal needs cooking.
Thanks for visiting and love your comments.
Happy Stitching,

Saturday, 9 June 2012


Hello everyone.
Hope you enjoy your visit with me and feel encouraged to do some of your own stitching. I know I`m encouraged and sometimes tempted to go shopping when visiting other blogs. If I already have a pattern I may start this if not a WIP. Then it comes out to be worked on,maybe even completed.

Thought I would show my `Fernhill`.
 A  Lynette Anderson button club that I am getting through `The Country Yard` 
Another lovely bag to put everything in. This one doesn`t have a handle. When Fiona sent my birthday gift she tied a ribbon round the wrapping with tapemeasure look to it. I thought that I would use that for handles and at the same time as attaching them I would line the bag. Also add a pocket or two inside as I can see me using this again. The roses on the fabric bag are beautiful.

The first two patterns,my fabric and a mixture of  DMC,Weeks Dye Works,Crescent Colours and Sampler threads that I`m using in this project.

`The Dell`
A few leaves to finish,sorting colours for them. A cute little bluebird button. 

`Forest Floor`
A playful squirrel button with stitched hedgehog (we have the hedgehogs here they love wet cat food) and a buzzy bee. I find satin stitch a challenge so still working on my flowers because of that.
Block 3 came yesterday `Spindle Tree` with layout sheet.
I will finish my stitching of the first two this weekend then out will come the light box for tracing `Spindle Tree`
Thakyou for visiting and hope you leave a comment as I enjoy keeping in touch with you.
Happy Stitching,

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

following on

Hello my stitching friends.
Following on from my last post here`s the third month of my Mystery 2012 Quilt from `The Country Yard`. Month four will be here as the time seems to be going so quickly. Looking forward to seeing what that will be.

Mittens,scraves and snow drop border sitting on top of two rows of triangle block squares and part of month two showing at the top of photo. I find if I get my light box with my cutting board and cutter on the day this arrives I complete this quite quickly.
I have finished `Mystery Quilt 2011` only the quilting to go. Will show that when finished.

A close up of  `Primitive Mothers Day` by `the little stitcher`. I changed the colours of this little freebie for my Mum for Mothers day. The bottom photo shows the true colours.
 Our Mothers Day was the 13th of May this year. It was lovely to hear my Mum talk of sharing Mothers Day with my Dads birthday in their early years of marriage. He had an accident when I was a baby and died of his injuries so was nice for Mum to go down memory lane with me. I love those special times.

Six blocks stiched six to do of my `Tis The Season` Lovely to stitch when a good movie is on. When out at my favorite quilt shops I keep looking for the fabric to have as borders and backing for this quilt. There is enough of the red print for binding.

I thought  that I would show a close up of the mice block with their whiskers added. This also shows my stitching fabric with the spots.
Well thankyou for visiting. I do so enjoy your comments,
Till next time,
Happy stitching,

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Beginning of Winter

Hello everyone.
Our Winter is beginning but today is lovely with the sun shining,only a cool breeze.Winter is a time of stitching in front of a cosy fire.
 Have caught up on some chores that had been on hold while finishing or more progress on my stitching.
I`ve joined `The Country Yard`s Mystery 2012 Quilt.

The fabric and pattern for part one came in this lovely bag. The ladies wrap them up like parcels. My daughter Celeste thinks my birthday presents are coming through the year. So funny.

This how I`ve put block one together. The thread that was in the bag is Aurifil 12 #3817 and goes well with the strip fabric. Great choice ladies.

Some nine patch blocks to go with the acorns and leaves for block two. Will be a lovely Autumn quilt  when complete.
 I have finished block three but really slow down loading photo so will show at next posting as Hubby`s wanting to go out.
Happy Stitching everyone and thanks for visiting. Please come again.